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⚡ Jason Voorhees Hunting

⚡ Jason Voorhees Hunting
Starts from

New York


2 Days


Electric Car

CO2 Savings

59 kg


396 km






⚡ Electric RoutesSights in NatureActive Leisure
This route includes CCS/SAE charging stations. For Tesla Superchargers, please follow this link. On this trip, you will visit the camp where the famous ""Friday the 13th"" movies were filmed. An excursion to Crystal Lake will be a true gift for horror fans!
You might want to plan ahead for this trip since some stops will require that you make an appointment, and you'll likely have a wait at the ""Friday the 13th"" camp since it is very popular. You should plan this trip around your ""Friday the 13th"" camp reservation.
You'll also see some of New Jersey's amazing natural and architectural masterpieces and be reminded that yes, there still are secluded corners in modern America.
Take hiking shoes, comfortable clothing, and Nordic walking sticks as there are several walks planned along the route.
And don't forget the old hockey mask. We're going to Crystal Lake!
  • Amazing natural attractions.
  • Waterfalls and parks.
  • Fairy houses.
  • Stunning museums.
  • And, of course, Jason Voorhees.

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Travel Itinerary

Science and Nature
Day 1137 km

Science and Nature

Home of one of the world's greatest inventors, hundreds of fluorescent stones, and the tranquil charm of nature.
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Visit Jason Voorhees
Day 2259 km563 m

Visit Jason Voorhees

One of the most famous cinema venues and an incredible beauty of American nature.
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