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Irkutsk and myths and legends of fabulous Baikal

Road Trip Route. Explore Irkutsk from all its corners., Take stunning photographs of frozen Baikal!, Go by car to the most mystical island Olkhon along the ice track of the lake., To visit the ethnographic museum of Taltsy., Learn the history of Angara ice-breaker., Taste local fish caught at the lake., .

Fabulous frozen Baikal. Mysticism and energy of Olkhon Island. Immersion in the history of Irkutsk and its region and much more awaits you on this itinerary! This travel can be called exotic, unlike others. Just imagine! You are driving a car on a meter layer of Baikal ice among endless expanses of the largest lake. And Listvyanka town, where we will stay during one of the days, will suit perfectly for spending Christmas and New Year holidays. Besides you have a great opportunity to learn all the most unusual myths and legends of the famous Olkhon island, where you will feel enormous emotions and unforgettable feelings from the places of power you see there. This tour is ideal for family vacations. Tranquil, cozy restaurants, small number of tourists, as well as entertaining museums and exhibitions in the city of Irkutsk and in Irkutsk region, which will surely please not only you, but also your children! **Recommendations:** - It is important when visiting public places to keep a social distance, as well as to use personal protective equipment. - It is also worth remembering that when checking into hotels, as well as when visiting museums you may be required to wear a valid QR code or a negative PCR test for not more than 72 hours.

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Viktoria Afanaseva. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Evening in Irkutsk

Get a car, check into a hotel and enjoy some free time in the city. For the evening, a recommendation of a great restaurant in the heart of the city.

Prego (Прего)

There are many decent restaurants with different cuisine, pleasant aura and stylish interior in Irkutsk. We have prepared for you some excellent places where you can eat well and enjoy the atmosphere of the place. Restaurant Prego, where you'll stay on the first day after your arrival, will please you with a cosy and relaxed atmosphere and surprise you with an abundance of wines and appetizing desserts. Visitors choose pasta (you can choose any type that is prepared there), pizza as well as tiramisu.

Day 2: The most interesting places in Irkutsk in one day

Today, you will stroll the spacious streets of the city, admire the exquisitely designed landmarks around you, and visit museums and exhibitions. You also have a chance to visit the famous Irkutsk Drama Theatre and even listen to the organ!

Fresh Point

The best morning in Irkutsk is breakfast on the Angara river embankment in a cozy cafe. Tourists note the helpful and courteous staff, calmness and, of course, excellent dishes on the breakfast menu.

Nizhnyaya Naberezhnaya Angary

The Lower Embankment is one of the most popular places among tourists and locals alike. From different sides of the embankment there are picturesque views of orthodox cathedrals, sculptural works and temples. The Angara River never freezes here, so it is beautiful at any time of the year. You can see local fishermen both in summer and winter. The embankment is constantly transformed - new parks, sculptures and recreation areas appear.

Pamyatnik Yakovu Pokhabovu

The monument to Yakov Pokhabov was erected to the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk. The Cossack figure from Yeniseisk looks out over the Angara River, while the Moscow Gate and the Epiphany Cathedral can be seen nearby. The appearance of the pioneer is solely the artist's creation. This bronze sculpture was first built in honor of all the founders of the city, but later it was renamed in memory of a particular pioneer. The monument is one of the largest in the city.

Kirov Square

This is the main square in Irkutsk. In winter, a huge festive Christmas tree for the New Year reigns here, and an ice town is opened. The place is perfect for a leisurely walk and sightseeing around.

Galereya V. Bronshteyna

Victor Bronstein Gallery is a private art gallery. There is a permanent exposition - ethnic sculptures and works of famous Baikal artists. The peculiarity of the gallery is the frequent change of the collection, so here you can always discover something new, for example, pictures of young photographers. The gallery itself is stylishly and tastefully designed. Tourists love photographing the space. There is a small shop with unusual souvenirs (besides classic magnets and postcards), such as Baikal jewelry, ceramics, books. There is a local restaurant.

History Museum of the city of Irkutsk them. AM Sibiryakova

The museum is located in a very attractive building, built for A. M. Sibiryakov and named after him. There is an interesting exposition connected with the First World War, as well as temporary exhibitions.

Kinza, Restoranchik

Kinza is a restaurant of Georgian cuisine. Cozy atmosphere and unobtrusive national music, so you can spend time with your family or company. Visitors note Oltenkus salad made of veal, cucumber and aubergine in sauce, khinkali, shish kebab of salmon and chicken and, of course, boat khachapuri in Ajar. There is an assortment of wine and cocktails. It is possible to book a table in advance. It's like a little Georgia in Irkutsk :)

Organnyy Zal

Be sure to stop by the organ hall in the Irkutsk Regional Philharmonic Society and listen to the sounds of the organ. You will feel a powerful emotional impact thanks to this magical music. And the architecture of the Catholic Church - it's impossible to take your eyes away!

Irkutskiy Akademicheskiy Dramaticheskiy Teatr Imeni N.p. Okhlopkova

The next no less attractive attraction is the N. P. Okhlopkov Drama Theatre. The architecture of the theater is very fascinating, preserved since its construction. The new finish does not spoil the beauty, but rather gives it charm. You can buy tickets in advance to see the show you're interested in.

Московские ворота

After visiting the theatre we walk through the city again and reach the Moscow Gate, a kind of arch. There is a belief that if you walk under this arch, your every wish will certainly come true.

Harat's pub, set' barov

We finish the evening with dinner in the Harat's Pub Restaurant and Bar. Choice of cuisine: Russian, Japanese, European. A big hall, besides tables there are rooms with sofas, and also a dance floor. Pleasant staff. Visitors recommend pasta carbonara, Caesar salad, scallops, cheesecake, dessert Furutsu roru age. The restaurant is open from 12 noon to 12 at night.

Day 3: On the way to Baikal: Taltsy and Listvyanka

On the third day of the route we have planned to go to Baikal. During the trip we will stop at several interesting places - Angara museum, Taltsy ethnographic museum and finally we will reach the town of Listvyanka, where the real adventure on the frozen Baikal will begin.

Kyoto Restaurant

Today begins with a visit to Kyoto, the coolest Japanese restaurant in town. There's a great selection of sushi and sashimi, and there's also a children's menu. Tourists like the desserts here, especially the chocolate fondue. The restaurant is open from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Ice-Breaker "Angara" Museum

One of the most visited places in Irkutsk is the Angara icebreaker museum. A real icebreaker from the beginning of the last century, raised three times from the bottom. There is a very interesting story connected with it. It sank several times due to human negligence during operation. The detailed history is told on deck, so be sure to take a tour after seeing the ship to keep up to date. The atmosphere on the icebreaker captures the spirit of the time. The tour also includes a film about the ship's first captain. Tourists are most impressed by the engine room. The museum is open from 11 am to 8 pm.


On our way to Baikal we will meet the architectural and ethnographic museum "Taltsy" - an open-air complex, located on the bank of Angara river, where there are several historical and cultural zones with expositions: Russian, Buryat, Evenk and Tofalar. On the territory of Taltsy you can see the workshops. Looking into them, you can not only get acquainted with folk crafts, but also learn them. There is Russian and Angara sector of the museum, where the monuments of wooden architecture of Pribaikalye of the 17-20th centuries are collected. Here folk festivals are celebrated - Christmas, Shrovetide, Easter.


Not far from the ethnographic museum there is "Tavern in Taltsy" where you can have an inexpensive home-made dinner! Tourists recommend warming sbiten.

Baikal Museum

This museum is small, but excursions there are very entertaining, especially children like to spend time there. You can learn full information about the history of Baikal and its current state at the museum. There is also an aquarium, where you can see all the inhabitants of Baikal. On the second floor there is a science laboratory with microscopes. The museum is open from 9am to 7pm.

Kamennyy Plyazh

Here we have reached the most incredibly picturesque place - Lake Baikal. Driving on Baikal ice by car is the most amazing thing. The realization that a person is separated from the lake by only one meter layer of ice is unusual and unusual, but definitely worth experiencing. In winter Baikal becomes a sort of a road, along which cars can get only to the island of Olkhon. The road is absolutely safe and is specially equipped for driving, so it is not worth worrying about. We are going to get to the Olkhon island only on the next day. We have made a route for you to get there by land through some settlements, but you can also ride on Baikal ice. It will take even less time! Winter Baikal is a fabulous ice rink without borders. Baikal ice has a bluish tint, sometimes even blue. The ice is beautiful to the eye, and every time you want to admire it, not the surroundings. The ice is very slippery, that's why it'll be difficult to move on foot. So take your skates and have fun! It is also a great activity for the kids. Another popular thing to do on Baikal Lake is fishing. The Baikal season starts in January, when the bays are frozen. At this time you can catch fish such as perch, soroga, pike, spruce.


We conclude the rich day with dinner in Sval's restaurant. Tourists note meat steaks on coals, grilled vegetables, author's tea and taiga dessert. You can also try the fish, which is caught directly from the lake. There is a reservation service, cards are accepted.

Day 4: Ascent to Chersky Peak and road to Olkhon Island

Today we have a long way to one of the most picturesque places - Olkhon Island. Before departure you are to climb up to the Chersky Peak - the mountain, from which there is an unbelievably wonderful view of mountains, slopes and lakes. The route through the settlements will take several hours, but even in it you will be able to meet a couple of unusual monuments with their own history. If you want to get to your destination a bit faster, you may take the only track on the frozen Baikal.

Restoran Mayak

We have breakfast in the restaurant "Mayak". Tourists like salad with spicy beets, uha, fish baked in parchment, dessert "lingonberry with pine nuts and honey". The windows overlook Lake Baikal, so the view from there will be unique.

Kamen' Cherskogo

The hike to Chersky Peak is one of the most famous hiking routes in Baikal. It is not too difficult to get to the mountain, though in some places there are steep ascents and descents, but there are also wooden paths and bridges. From the top there is a stunning view of Lake Baikal and the mountains. There's also another treasure there - Lake Heart. As soon as you get to the town of Sliudyanka, you can leave your car by the MES base or near the "Silver Spring" hotel. You can start the ascent to the mountain right there. The peak is named in honor of the researcher of Baikal Ivan Dementievich Chersky.


On the way you can notice quite a number of shopping malls. We suggest stopping in one of them - Slata - and buying all the necessary things and products.

Ethnopark Golden Horde

Ethnopark "Golden Horde" is an ethnographic complex, which will introduce you to the Buryat people, their customs and traditions. There is a wonderful restaurant of national cuisine where you can stop on your way to Olkhon Island.

Pamyatnik Orlu

The monument to the Eagle, a sculpture of an eagle made of bronze, weighs almost 4 tons. Under the paws of the eagle you can see bells that ring in the wind, which gives the monument mysticism and makes it a real shamanic totem. The monument was designed by the mayor of the Olkhon district, Sergey Kopylov. He used an eagle as a base for his idea because steppe people have been worshipping this mighty bird for thousands of years, besides, it is the symbol of Olkhon.

Кафе Далай

And here we are on Olkhon Island! The long trip is worth finishing at a pleasant place for dinner. The cozy interior of "Dalai" café pleases the eye, and the most delicious dishes here are uha and fried omul under a fur coat.

Day 5: Other beauties of Olkhon

Today will be fully devoted to exploring the natural beauties of Olkhon. The plan is to see the legendary rocks, mountains as well as beaches and reefs.

Baikal View Cafe

The name of the cafe already tells us that the view on Baikal will be gorgeous! It is situated on a hill, and on the left you can see Shamanka Mountain. Even in the coldest weather you can sit not only inside, but also outside. You will be warmed by delicious coffee and tea. You can sit outside as well as inside. Tourists often try a variety of desserts; there are plenty of them! You can also try Fo-Bo soup, different pizzas, and yak roast.

Shaman Rock

The main place you must see is one of the nine shrines of Asia - the Shamanka Rock or Stone Temple. This rock is a sacred place among the locals and the indigenous peoples of Northern Asia in general. It was prohibited for ordinary people to live near the Shamanaka, women and children shouldn't approach this sacred place so as not to piss off the gods. Olkhon had always been considered a place where evil spirits had always lived. The ancient legends say that Ezhin or Burkhan, the lord of Olkhon island, lived in the cave of Shamanka rock. There are ancient artifacts on the rocks near the cave in the form of Tibetan graffito. There are tambourines painted on the marble rock. Note: this place is perfect for visiting in winter. In summer, there are queues of jeeps lined up all over the island, which distracts you from admiring the surroundings.

Mys Burkhan

Cape Burkhan, where the Shaman Rock is located, has the status of a state natural and historical monument and is located within the Pribaikalsky National Park, which is enclosed by carved poles shown in the photo. Mystical pillars. Looking at them, as if you feel something magical. Each pillar has its own symbol and its purpose, so before you tie a ribbon on one of them, you should carefully study this place.

Mys Budun

Cape Budun is one of the most beautiful places on Olkhon. Stunning views of Lake Baikal open from here. Besides, many interesting legends shroud these places, which the locals willingly share.

cafe Sunday

Another cosy and homely place on Olkhon Island. Very pleasant atmosphere. There are national Buryat dishes, lots of desserts and cocktails. Tourists recommend chopped meat bouzes, chebureks, fish soups. There is wi-fi and places outside in summer season.

Sarayskiy Plyazh

Another picturesque place on the island is Sarai Bay beach. In winter this place becomes much more atmospheric due to the palette of colors. Baikal ice (especially from afar) resembles marble. Take a walk along the beach and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Вкус Ольхона

The Taste of Olkhon cafe is considered to be one of the most popular places for dinner. Both meat, fish and vegetarian dishes are served here. Many people note zdest fish meatballs, roasted soba and taiga tea.

Day 6: Last day of the trip in Irkutsk

Today we have to go back to Irkutsk. On the way we will stop in a couple of remarkable places, and in the evening in the city we will walk along Gagarin Boulevard and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the Russian cuisine restaurant.

Omulevaya Bochka

Early in the morning we have breakfast at another cozy and calm place "Omule Barrel". Tourists like meat and fish poses, and they also single out the fish in the olkhonka style. A popular dessert is creamy straws. The cafe is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Зуун Хагун Турбаза

On the way one can stop by the tourist camp Zuun Khagun. There are also wonderful views to the winter Baikal. From the infrastructure: café, bathhouse, places for bonfires and barbecues, snack-bars, shop.

Kafe Sakhyurta

We stop at "Sakhyurta" cafe. Not a bad place to have lunch and continue our way to Irkutsk.

Alexander III

On arrival in the city we walk along Gagarina Boulevard. Gagarina Boulevard is an automobile road and pedestrian area in the center of Irkutsk. It is considered to be a favorite place of pastime of local residents. Gagarina Boulevard is an old street in Irkutsk, stretches along the right bank of the Angara River in the Right Bank district of Irkutsk. Before the revolution, it had another name - Alexander Square, because a monument to Alexander III stands there. Then the street was called Vuzovskaya, later - Gagarin Boulevard (1961).


Very family-style! Traditional Russian cuisine. Cozy and quiet place, home atmosphere disposes to a pleasant dinner at the end of the day. Visitors' favourite dishes: draniki, prawns in batter, salad "herring under a fur coat".

youth Island

"Yunost" is an island on the Angara river in the center of Irkutsk. It is connected to the shore and the neighboring island Konny by bridges. These two islands are popular among tourists and locals in summer, but in winter there is something to do there as well. Take a walk around Turnikovskaya Square, then take a ride on the Krugozor Ferris wheel, which is also open in winter. The Ferris wheel runs until 10pm.

Day 7: Time to go home!

In the morning, I suggest visiting a wonderful breakfast café. If you don't leave early, take a leisurely stroll around the city. Maybe you'll find something interesting that I didn't!

Та самая Подушка

Before the flight we have breakfast at the cafe "That cushion". The favourite dishes are fried prawns, mussels under cheese and salmon rolls. The cafe is open from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.