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Day 2390 km

Museum of merchant life, gingerbread and a walk in the historic center.

You will get acquainted with the trades, for which Tula masters were famous for centuries. You will visit the Museum of Merchant Life and the Museum of Harmony of Grandpa Filimon. You will walk along the street, where the merchant houses of XVIII century are located. You'll try the traditional Tula gingerbread. Photo by: Celest@Wikipedia Commons.

Day Itinerary

1.9 km10 min
Tul'skiy Kreml'
10:1045 min

Tul'skiy Kreml'

Open Details
The oldest structure in Tula recently celebrated its 500th anniversary. In 1520 by the order of Vasily Ioanovich a stone fortress was erected here. During this time the Tula Kremlin has seen many historical events. Now the Kremlin is holding fairs and celebrations. In the Kremlin Museum you can see a model of the XVII century fortress. There are quests and interactive tours. To participate, you should make an appointment by phone: +7 (4872) 77-49-34.
240 m5 min
Tul'skiy Muzey Garmoni Deda Filimona
11:001 h

Tul'skiy Muzey Garmoni Deda Filimona

Open Details
Atmospheric museum dedicated to the history of development of one of the symbols of Tula.
Grandpa Filimon's Harmony Museum has about 100 unique exhibits, the collection is constantly replenished. We recommend to visit the musical excursion. After it you will take a new look at a seemingly well-known instrument.
It's better to book in advance on the website.
The museum is open from Monday to Sunday.

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