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In the footsteps of the knights.

Road Trip Route. Ride the horses at sunset, To see three ancient medieval castles., Explore the forts and their dungeons., See the famous gates.

This is a real dive into the Middle Ages and a trip to the Order's castles in Prussia. Many of them are already devoid of rich decoration, and some have become ruins, but this does not deprive them of the spirit of antiquity and mystery. Here you will feel the bright history of this land, learn about the mighty Teutonic, harsh architecture and legends. You will visit the most famous castle museums, solve the mysteries of history, ride horses and visit antique shops. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%.

History and Culture. From: Kaliningrad

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Medieval buildings

The first day of the trip will be quite rich and interesting. You will start your medieval journey with the most famous gates - Zacchheim and Friedland. You will also visit the most famous Prussian castles Valdau and Georgenburg and even ride horses at sunset!


Закхаймские ворота / Sackheim Gate

The Zakheim Gate is part of the first Kaliningrad rampart, which was built in the early seventeenth century. They have a massive construction - heavy and strong guards of the city.

Фридландские ворота

One of the most important monuments of the city's defense is the Friedland Gate, which was part of the Königsberg defensive structures that were part of the city's second defensive belt. A museum is available with many exhibitions of everyday life, antiques and memories from different periods.

Замок Вальдау

One of the castles of the Teutonic Order preserved in the Kaliningrad region is located in the village of Nizovye. The first written mention found of the erection of a medieval fortress in these places dates back to 1258. Originally the fortress was used as an inn near the road: people of the Order, including priests and soldiers, stayed here as needed. The western wing has a museum open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday.


It's time to have a little rest and taste delicious dishes of Prussian or Russian cuisine. Here you can even order game dishes. Bon appetit!

Конезавод «Георгенбург»

The stud farm has been in existence next to the castle for centuries. It is a large modern complex with a museum, hotel, cafe. It also breeds breeding horses for sale, organizes equestrian competitions. It's possible to ride horses and feed them. Please note that you can visit the equestrian complex from Tuesday to Sunday. Excursions must be agreed in advance, contact information can be found at [site](

Georgenburg (замок Георгенбург)

In XIV century these territories after the conquest were divided between the Teutonic Order and the bishopric. The castle belonged to the bishopric of Zamland. Nowadays the castle is the property of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Cafe Angel

You will be greeted here as if at home, fed with homemade food and served in the most friendly manner. Be sure to try the borscht and charcoal dishes.

Day 2: In the wake of history.

The second day will be no less full of famous places and mysterious historical buildings. You will see two more castles and even go underground to explore the ancient forts with their many catacombs. You'll need hiking lanterns and comfortable shoes.

Свято-Михайловский собор

This is a former Protestant Reformed Kirkha built at the end of XIX century according to the project of Konigsberg architect. The Kirch survived several raids and war.

Insterburg (Замок Инстербург)

The knights attached particular importance to Castle Insterburg. On the one hand, it was a bastion against enemy Lithuanian attacks, on the other hand, a gate for military campaigns of the Order. Today, the castle houses a local history museum, which displays many antique objects. The castle is open from Tuesday to Sunday.


On the way back have lunch in a familiar restaurant, you probably won't have had time to sample all the delicious local menu.

замок Тапиау | Tapiau

One of the best preserved castles of the Teutonic Order. Now it is an active prison, entrance to the territory is prohibited, you can see from afar.

Форт № 3 «Король Фридрих Вильгельм I»

Built among the first, Fort 3 is the largest defense structure. Its area is 350×180 meters, the depth reaches 5 meters. The fort is also distinguished by a dry moat, which made it possible to place barracks in two floors. The powerful structure covering the railway lines to Tilsit and Krantz, the highway to Krantz, served as a warehouse for ammunition and explosives. The fort is beautifully preserved and open to the public.

Форт №5 — Король Фридрих-Вильгельм III

The fifth fort is one of the elements of the defense of Koenigsberg, which was hacked by soldiers of the Red Army in April 1945. The fighting here was extremely fierce. During the assault of the German fortress 15 Red Army soldiers were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. Back in the Soviet years, a memorial complex was built near the fort, and a museum was opened in the casemates of the fortress, and nowadays its exposition has been significantly expanded. Fort No. 5 Museum has become one of the most visited museums in Kaliningrad. Opening hours: daily 10:00 - 19:00. It is "hidden" in a small forest, located on the northern outskirts of the city, a few steps from the old highway to Svetlogorsk.

Juditten Church (Юдиттен-кирха)

The final point of the journey will be the ancient Catholic Church, which has been so well preserved to this day. It is now a functioning convent courtyard.

Radisson Blu

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