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Day 43 km5 km

Culture and History of Yerevan

For today, visits to rather unusual museums of the city are planned, in one of them it will be possible to get acquainted closer with the stages of the creative path of the famous Armenian director Sergey Parajanov, and in another - with the subtleties of local alcohol production. In the afternoon you will visit the memorial complex dedicated to the memory of the victims of the 1915 genocide.

Day Itinerary

Boulevard Hotel
00:308 hHotel visit

Boulevard Hotel

536 m10 min
Blue Mosque (Կապույտ մզկիթ)
09:1530 min

Blue Mosque (Կապույտ մզկիթ)

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The Blue or Persian Mosque got its name because of the color of the dome cladding. The building, erected by the order of the Turkic Khan of Erivan Huseynali Khan Qajar in 1766, is today the only Muslim cathedral in Armenia. In Soviet times, the mosque was turned into a museum of Yerevan, and then into a planetarium. Today it is one of the cultural centers of the Iranian community of Armenia and a functioning mosque.

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