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Hospitable Yerevan

Hospitable Yerevan
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History and Culture
In the very heart of Armenia, you will get acquainted, first of all, with the turbulent cultural life of this country. Get acquainted with the masterpieces of world painting in the best museums of the city, where the expositions of great artists, sculptors and other cultural figures of the past and present are presented.
Immersed in the spirit of the extraordinary Yerevan, visit the famous squares, parks and streets of the city, which preserve its history and melt many mysteries.
Admire the wondrous nature of Armenia, climb the mountains and appreciate the enchanting local scenery.
Besides, you will get acquainted with the unique and original Armenian cuisine. Appreciate her best dishes and enjoy the famous Caucasian hospitality.
Elizaveta Smirnova
Elizaveta Smirnova
  • Feel the vibrant cultural life of Yerevan by visiting the most important museums and monuments.
  • Experience the city's magnificent architecture, with its temples, squares, mosques and other historic buildings.
  • Discover the wonderful natural landscapes of beautiful Armenia, its mountains, rivers and forests.
  • And finally, try the local cuisine, famous for its centuries-old traditions.
  • S7 flights from Moscow to Yerevan and back are operated daily.
  • Flight is not included in the price.

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Travel Itinerary

Arrival in Yerevan
Day 113 km404 m

Arrival in Yerevan

After arriving in Yerevan, rent a car for convenient transportation, as well as for leaving the city. Dinner and rest in the hotel and the city are the main plan for today.
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Day 2501 m5 km


Your first day in Yerevan will be quite busy: you will walk through the beautiful city streets, squares, climb to the top of the famous Cascade Memorial, and have dinner in a restaurant with a unique view of the city.
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Tatev Monastery
Day 3502 km868 m

Tatev Monastery

Today you need to get up early, go to the mountains and visit the monastery, which has a history of over a thousand years.
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Culture and History of Yerevan
Day 43 km5 km

Culture and History of Yerevan

For today, visits to rather unusual museums of the city are planned, in one of them it will be possible to get acquainted closer with the stages of the creative path of the famous Armenian director Sergey Parajanov, and in another - with the subtleties of local alcohol production. In the afternoon you will visit the memorial complex dedicated to the memory of the victims of the 1915 genocide.
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Contemporary Art and Crafts
Day 53 km

Contemporary Art and Crafts

Acquaintance with the cultural life of Yerevan will continue at the Museum of Modern Art and National Art Gallery, and even today you will visit the Vernissage market, where you can buy unusual handmade souvenirs.
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