You will visit Svirsky and Volkonsky Gorges.. Walk the evening streets of Tuapse.. You have breakfast in the countryside.. See the view from the Kiselev Rock..

Hiking trails of the Krasnodar Region

This route will help you get acquainted with hiking culture and allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the Krasnodar region for two days in a row, combining the charms of active recreation with the benefits of civilization! Two green gorges and the sights of Tuapse are already waiting for you!

Hiking trails of the Krasnodar Region

2 days itinerary by Margarita Shilimanova - Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure

Day 1

Today we will visit Akhintam Park, Svir gorge and take a walk in Tuapse. Tip: you will spend about three hours in Svir gorge, so it is worth taking a comfortable closed shoe, stock up on water and something for a small snack.
Visiting: Tuapse, Sochi, Malyy Kichmay, Bol'shoy Kichmay

Day 2

On the second day of the trip you will have a picnic in nature, visit the wild beach and Kiselev Rock, as well as walk along Volkonsky Gorge. Tip: you should take a blanket to sit comfortably on the picnic.
Visiting: Tuapse, Sochi, Volkonka, Agoy, Nebug