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Hiking trails of the Krasnodar Region

Road Trip Route. You will visit Svirsky and Volkonsky Gorges., Walk the evening streets of Tuapse., You have breakfast in the countryside., See the view from the Kiselev Rock..

This route will help you get acquainted with hiking culture and allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the Krasnodar region for two days in a row, combining the charms of active recreation with the benefits of civilization! Two green gorges and the sights of Tuapse are already waiting for you!

Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure. From: Sochi

Margarita Shilimanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1:

Today we will visit Akhintam Park, Svir gorge and take a walk in Tuapse. Tip: you will spend about three hours in Svir gorge, so it is worth taking a comfortable closed shoe, stock up on water and something for a small snack.


Тюльпанное Дерево

Our journey starts with the Tulip Tree in the Golovinka resort area. There is a legend that the tree has a great vitality and that is why it grows and rejoices in its blossoming for 300 years! Belief says that we must touch the tree, embrace it, to stay close to you, and then you will recharge the positive energy. Just in time for our journey! You can also make a wish and throw a coin into the hollow of the tree.


We have a long hiking route ahead of us, so it's worth eating well. Cafe Kasha, located very close to the Svirsky Gorge, will be ideal.

Svirskoye Ushchel'ye

Svir gorge is famous for its beautiful waterfalls and high rocks, be sure to visit the waterfall "Adam and Eve" and dolmens. The length of the route is 9.5 km, but it is not necessary to reach the end point.

Платановая аллея

So we made it to Tuapse. While it's still light outside, you can walk the pretty streets and buy ice cream :)

Веранда GRILL

But in the evening you can really relax on the sofa of the grill restaurant and treat yourself to delicious dishes.


After dinner, you should take an evening promenade and stop by the waterfront.

Поющие Фонтаны

And look at the singing fountains down the street before going to a hotel.

Day 2:

On the second day of the trip, you'll have a picnic in nature, visit the wild beach and Kiseleva rock, and take a walk in the Volkon Gorge. Tip: it's worth taking a blanket of some kind to sit comfortably on the picnic and sporty shoes.


In the morning we will have to go to the grocery store and buy food for the breakfast in the countryside. We'll leave the car here and go on foot.

Дикий пляж, Туапсе

The path will start at the wild Spider beach, but we will not stop here for long, but walk along the shore. The road will be rocky, so sports shoes are highly recommended.

Мыс "Кадош"

Cape Kadosh is a sparsely populated place with crystal clear water. This is where we will have an early picnic! The cape itself is included in the list of the main natural attractions of the Krasnodar Territory. There is a reserve forest park of the same name. The nature on this territory has remained practically untouched, which attracts tourists here.

скала Киселёва

Here we've reached the main point of the route - Kiseleva rock. The boats full of tourists come here quite often, but it doesn't spoil the view from the cliff at all. The rock got its name after the artist Alexander Kiselev. It was her artist captured in the painting "Kadosh Rocks". But previously it had another name - The Rock of Tears. This name is related to a local legend about a tragic love. If you get a déjà vu that you've already seen this rock somewhere, you'll be absolutely right. This particular rock was in the movie "The Diamond Arm".

Дикий пляж, Туапсе

Now the way back waits for us in the same way through rocky paths and the shore.


Let's get the car out of the parking lot and go to lunch!


We'll have lunch at a quiet varenyka shop in town and then drive on. There is a large selection of dumplings with various fillings.

Волконское Ущелье

While walking along this gorge you can see a waterfall resembling a figure of a young girl, the grotto "Two Brothers", a mysterious dolmen and a relict plant of the Caucasus - boxwood.

Ресторан "Скурия на краю земли"

We recommend dinner at "On the Edge of the Earth" restaurant. To get here, you will need to move from a direct route in Sochi, but you will not regret it. From the veranda of this restaurant offers just an incredible view of the mountains and the river Shahe.