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Heart of Georgia

This time we went to Georgia! We decided to dedicate the first trip to the state capital and nearby places of interest in order not to watch everything in a hurry, but to give everyone enough attention. During the time allocated for this trip we managed to visit the national park and climb the mountains, marvel at the architectural beauty of Helen, walk through several city parks and enjoy the fresh air. Also, we have not forgotten about museums and cultural attractions! Have a good trip and new emotions!

Heart of Georgia

10 days itinerary by Matthew Evans - Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 5 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: Adventures begin!

Atlanta! Georgia's capital city! Today we will spend the night here and go on a fascinating journey around the state, and at the end of the route we will spend a couple of days here and see the city properly.
Visiting: Atlanta

Day 2: The road to Chattahoochee

It's time to move on. We had to get to one of the state's national parks. On the way there are very beautiful places, waterfalls and vineyards, which we will definitely stop by.
Visiting: Atlanta, Roswell, Dawsonville, Blue Ridge, Ellijay

Day 3: Blue Ridge National Park and Neighborhood

Today we'll go to the Chattahoochee Nature Reserve, spend a day outdoors and have a picnic outdoors. In the evening we decided to organize ourselves a little entertainment, movie viewing, also in the open air.
Visiting: Blue Ridge

Day 4: Little Germany

We haven't been to Germany yet, but it's not a problem! Georgia has its own Little Germany, Helen City. That's where we're going tonight!
Visiting: Blue Ridge, Helen, Young Harris, Blairsville

Day 5: Nature and waterfalls on the way to Macon

The road to Macon runs through several interesting places, a park with waterfalls and a wonderful botanical garden. In the evening, we'll be in town and have an evening promenade.
Visiting: Helen, Macon, Athens

Day 6: Aviation Museum

Today we're going to the Aviation Museum, one of the biggest in the U.S.! Let's look at the huge planes, as well as sit in the cockpit and feel like a real pilot.
Visiting: Macon, Warner Robins, Robins Air Force Base

Day 7: Through the parks to the capital of Georgia

Let's go to Atlanta! On the way we will stop at several natural parks, one of which has hot springs. We'll walk around the city near the capital, and then we'll go to Atlanta itself.
Visiting: Macon, Atlanta, McDonough, Jackson, Indian Springs

Day 8: City tour

We'll dedicate this day to the city. Walk through the parks and streets, go to the botanical garden, and in the evening have a feast in one of the restaurants.
Visiting: Atlanta

Day 9: The most interesting museums in the capital

In addition to the visual part, we need to learn more about the cultural part. Today we will go to the most famous museums of the city. They've been placed next to each other, which is quite convenient in terms of movement. In addition to museums, we will go to the oceanarium, one of the most beautiful in our opinion.
Visiting: Atlanta

Day 10: Home! (Laughs)

That's when our trip to Georgia came to an end. This time we drove downtown, saw some interesting cities and visited a lot of parks. We'll definitely come back here and drive to places we didn't have time to get to this time.
Visiting: Atlanta