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    Day 6

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    The Beauty of Sintra

    This day is dedicated to Sintra. A magical beauty that reveals itself in different ways in sunny or rainy weather. If you like to get up early, there is a chance to find these places more or less free from tourists. Get ready to take a lot of pictures - even if you're not a fan of capturing everything on your smartphone or camera, you won't be able to refuse it.
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    House of Wonders
    10:0045 min

    House of Wonders

    Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant
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    Right on the oceanfront, near the best beaches of the city, you can find the ideal place for morning recharging. Here they charge both physically and emotionally, because the atmosphere of the place disposes to pleasant communication. The menu is various and for breakfast you will be offered useful nourishing breakfasts, various fruit juices and punches. Here you can not only enjoy the beginning of the day on the oceanfront, you can breathe fresh air on the roof of the facility, as well as buy original and practical souvenirs from Cascais on the ground floor of the facility, in their own shop. The facility works from 10 to 22 every day and charges with positive for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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    40 min
    Pena Palace
    12:001 hr 30 min

    Pena Palace

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    Moving to the next hotel in the list, you should start with this magnificent palace, from which everything started in this city. Today it looks as if it was moved here from a children's fairy tale. However, it is a real palace, whose history resembles the intricacies of one of the ancient fairy tales. It all started with a small chapel built here to commemorate the birth of the Virgin Mary to one of the residents of the nearby villages. Later, in the 16th century, King Manuel I ordered the chapel to be rebuilt into the Monastery of Our Lady of Pena, in honor of the birth of the heir. During the struggle against the Moors, the castle was conquered, and as a result of numerous historical events played out here, the story of the Moors hiding their countless wealth in Mount Sintra before escaping was born. No one found the treasure, but we can say for sure that the Palace of Pena is a real treasure of Sintra.
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    13:451 hr 30 min


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    Rich choice of meals for lunch. Here you will be served not only traditional tapas, but also a variety of soups, snacks and high quality wine. Spend your lunch here, enjoying cool surroundings and pleasant service. It is accessible from 12.00 to 22.00 every day, except on Sundays, when the restaurant is on weekends.
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    Palácio Nacional de Sintra
    15:302 hrs

    Palácio Nacional de Sintra

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    Visit this medieval palace to soak up the atmosphere of monarchical Portugal in the past. Each of these palaces carries the history of Moorish conquests and Portuguese architecture from the 15th to the 19th century. The most interesting and significant are the Soroca Hall, the Swan Hall and the Arabian Hall, which, like most of the ancient buildings, was damaged in the 1755 earthquake.
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    20 min
    Pestana Sintra Golf Resort & SPA Hotel
    18:0017 hrsHotels

    Pestana Sintra Golf Resort & SPA Hotel

    Spoil yourself with an early check-in at the next hotel and spend the last day of your trip by the pool or enjoy the services of the spa center. The pool is covered and heated, and the design of the building (blue walls and arched windows) gives the building a special atmosphere that relaxes and regenerates strength. SPA center offers unique cosmetic treatments, such as vinoteraia (grape seed exfoliation and massage), chocolate wraps, rejuvenating treatments, and detox with green tea and seaweed.
    In the evening they offer you various massages (hot stone massage, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, shiatsu and reflexology) steam cleansing or Turkish bath, as well as jacuzzi. In the morning you can visit the gym which is on the spa grounds and then go for breakfast or order breakfast for your room.
    It is best to book all treatments in advance. The hotel staff will help you with this by phone or email.
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