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Gastronomic journey to the center of the Altai region

Road Trip Route. Taste Altai honey, cheese, kvass and mors, Try deer meat, Visit a tea ceremony, Learn Novoaltaysk and Barnaul history, Visit a scenic quarry.

An informative and at the same time very tasty journey awaits you! You will go to the center of the Altai region - Barnaul, where you will visit the most delicious gastronomic spots of the city, taste Altai tea, honey, cheese, kvass and mors, natural dairy products, maral meat and many other delicacies. You will also have a rest at the tea ceremony and find inner harmony!

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Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Delicious Altai sights

The first point you will visit today is a picturesque marble quarry, followed by an introduction to Barnaul, a visit to a honey shop and a farmer's market. At the end of the day you will taste delicious dishes made of natural products of the Altai region.


Gazpromneft filling station #164

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First, let's go for a walk to the Marble Quarry to work up an appetite. It is better to leave the car here and walk to the quarry, as the barrier may be closed.

Marble quarry in Iskitim

The abandoned marble quarry is a large T-shaped amphitheatre running deep, with steps about a metre high. The landmark for access is the village of Shipuniha. If you do not have an off-road vehicle and the road is heavily snow-covered or washed out, it is best to walk the last part of the route. You will soon pass the last house in the village on your left (10A) after crossing Shipunikha River. You can leave your car there or go further if the road is suitable. At the fork you turn left into the guardhouse. Further along you will find the active gravel quarry and BelAZ trucks are always driving along the road. Leave the car and walk around, along the next road.


We'll make a lunch stop at a roadside cafe. It has everything to eat tasty and fast: soups, salads, hot dishes.

House of Honey

To visit the Altai and not to buy honey - just can not! So we're going to a local store. Here you can find a wide range of various Altai honey, both with and without additives. There is honey with birch chaga, with nuts, berries and many other additives. You can find more details about the assortment of the shop [on site](

Государственный музей истории литературы, искусства и культуры Алтая (ГМИЛИКА)

In the museum you will see a lot of old documents, books, devoted to the history of Altai, many different kinds of postcards, musical instruments, you will learn about the culture of ancient peoples of Altai, you will visit a hut, you will see an exposition devoted to local figures of culture. Rest days: Monday (since May till September) and Tuesday (since October till April), the sanitary day is the last Wednesday of a month. Be careful - the museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00 on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (ticket office hours are until 17:30), on Thursdays the museum is open from 10:00 to 19:00 (ticket office hours are until 18:30).

Old Market

Let's go to Old Bazaar. Here you should pay attention to products of Logovskaya cheese dairy: Altai cheese, yogurt, milk, butter, cottage cheese, smentana. And also, before buying you will have the opportunity to taste the whole cheese assortment!

Clear Glade

For dinner we will go to a very cozy restaurant, where you will have an opportunity to taste author's dishes made of natural products of the Altai region. You can try veal cheeks with mashed potatoes, roast from the oven with vegetables, fillets of catfish and zander, marble beef tartar, author's dessert "Particle of the forest", mousse based on cottage cheese. with Altai buckthorn and apricots and more! And after that, a cup of Altai tea. Have a nice evening!

Day 2: A day in Barnaul and Novoaltaisk

The second day of the trip will start with a visit to the gastronomic places of Barnaul, then you will go to a tea ceremony and see the Pokrovsky Cathedral. Lunch will take place in a restaurant, where you will have an opportunity to taste maral meat. The trip will end with the dinner at the cafe on the river bank.

Two cheeses

We'll start the day by visiting a private cheese factory kiosk. Here you can buy cheeses prepared according to various recipes: French, Italian, Adygean, Swiss, Greek, also interesting, original and delicious inventions from two cheeses. In addition, here you can taste the Altai kvass and mors.


Why don't we dilute Altai gastronomy with a tea ceremony? In Asia, the tea ceremony has a special meaning: it allows you to let go of superfluous thoughts, purify yourself and find harmony. And what will be the tea ceremony, Japanese or Chinese, it's up to you to decide! Pre-registration is required for the tea ceremony. You can do it [on the website]( under "Tea Ceremony". Japanese lasts about 1.5 hours.

Покровский кафедральный собор

We will visit one of the most beautiful temples in Barnaul. Inside the cathedral you can see a large number of paintings of religious subjects. Let's feel the atmosphere of peace and tranquillity!

New Height 4509

The name of the restaurant is dedicated to the highest point of the Altai mountains - Belukha mountain. Here you can taste the main dishes of the restaurant - dishes from maral, the Altai deer! Besides, the menu offers a wide choice of Russian and European dishes: various appetizers, salads, side dishes, meat and fish dishes, soups, pasta, pizza, desserts. Everyone will find a dish to his/her liking!

MBUK Novoaltai Regional Museum of Local Lore named after V. Marusin

Small but very informative exposition of Novoaltai Local Lore Museum will tell about prehistoric creatures and primitive people, familiarize you with folk crafts and works of local artists. Please note, the museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, on Saturday the museum closes at 16:30, on other days - an hour later.

Gazpromneft filling station #74

It's a great trip, isn't it? And for it to be dynamic, stop at a gas station Gazpromneft to warm up, and at the same time buy goods on the road.

Tavern Foxhole

Dinner will take place in a cozy restaurant on the riverbank. The menu offers a large selection of cold and hot appetizers, salads, homemade pickles, dumplings, dumplings, hot dishes, dishes on the fire, desserts. And there is also a very interesting serving of dishes!