From St. Petersburg in the footsteps of your favorite movies. – Road.Travel

From St. Petersburg in the footsteps of your favorite movies.

Road Trip Route. To visit the most cinematographic cities of the Leningrad Region., Follow Alexei Balabanov and his film masterpieces..., To climb into the thick of the reserve in Sablino for beautiful waterfalls and your favorite TV series., .

The nature and architecture of the Leningrad Region is amazing with its diversity. It's no wonder that Russian filmmakers choose these edges for filming time and again. I suggest going in search of places where popular Soviet and Russian films were shot. And at the same time to visit places where you won't go on purpose. I guarantee it will be interesting!

Arts and Creativity, Unobvious locations. From: Saint Petersburg

Marina Selivanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: "Vasilisa," "Baltic Sky," "Sisters," "Cargo 200."

In the morning we will stop at the estate Priyutino - here they made a beautiful historical film with Svetlana Khodchenkova. After that we will visit the famous Osinovetskiy lighthouse and visit Shlisselburg, one of the most cinematic cities in Russia. In Novaya Ladoga, Volkhov and Kirishi we will remember films that make you think and even sink. But we will not give in to sad thoughts: it's just cinema!

Музей-усадьба «Приютино»

We'll stop by the Priutino Estate early in the morning. In the winter-spring of 2012 there was shooting of the series "Vasilisa" with Svetlana Khodchenkova in the title role. The main character of the film, Vasilisa Kozhina, is a real face. A peasant woman from the Smolensk Province led a partisan movement during the war with Napoleon. "Partisan camp" for the film was built in a dense spruce forest near Toksovo. Well, the interiors of the manor Priyutino came in handy to recreate the noble life of the early XIX century to the smallest detail. The estate is very beautiful, surrounded by an ancient park with centuries-old trees. Today there is a literary and art museum in the building, the collections of which deserve all praise. *" The estate is open from 10:00 to 5:30. Monday and Tuesday are days off; the last Friday of each month is a health day.

Осиновецкий маяк

Two-part film of 1960 "Baltic Sky" has collected many famous names: Rolan Bykov, Mikhail Ulyanov, Mikhail Kozakov. The road of life is shown in it so authentic that it seems as if all this documentary footage. Let me remind you that Osinovetskiy lighthouse served as an important landmark on the Road of Life during the Siege of Leningrad. The lighthouse took part in the shooting of the military drama: the film crew was lucky to climb the 73-meter height already in peacetime. The lighthouse is near the Road of Life museum and you can get very close, almost close to it. But, alas, at the moment it is possible to admire it only from the outside.

Porto Bar

We'll have lunch at the Porto Bar Cafe. The cooks of fish dishes are especially good at lunch, and the beautiful view from the window deserves separate applause.

Музей Истории города Шлиссельбург

Many films were made in Schlisselburg, which is quite natural. So, in 2001 Sergey Bodrov chose this place to create his film "Sisters" with a young Oksana Akinshina. In the '70s, the comedy "Marriage" was filmed here. In March there was no more snow, and it was made of foam for filming. The film shows, in particular, the city police department. The main role in the film was played by Eugene Leonov, who loved to drink beer between shootings in the Gostiny Dvor. Some episodes of the mini-series Peter the First. The Testament" (2011) was filmed in the fortress "Peanut". The series tells the story of the last two years of Peter the Great. The Emperor was played by Alexander Baluev, as well as in the film appeared native Leningrad Boyarsky.

Собор Николая Чудотворца

The crime drama "Cargo 200" (2007) by Alexei Balabanov shocked the whole country. Part of the shooting took place in New Ladoga. You probably remember the disco scene in a half-destroyed church building with a huge homemade inscription "Club". By the way, young people from Novaya Ladoga and Volkhov participated in the crowd.

Парк 40-летия ВЛКСМ

In Volhov, Alexei Uchitel was filming his drama "Space as a presentiment." (2005). The action of the film unfolds in the late 1950s. The director has chosen a good place - according to him, Volkhov has not changed much since then. "The gloomy industrial landscape of the plant here successfully echoes the industrial power and soullessness of the state. The old Soviet dining room, carousel and attraction, hostel and bicycles", remembers the teacher. Well, we will look at the Volkhov from the other side: chic river landscapes, hilly shores and very nice people.

Черная каракатица

For dinner we will stop by the restaurant "Black Cuttlefish" in Kirish. Weddings and corporate parties are often celebrated here, but with a high degree of probability you will get a table. In the menu there is a good "solyanka": Italian cuisine, traditional Russian dishes, shashlik and fresh salads.

Площадь у ДК

At the entrance to Kirishi you must have noticed the endless factory buildings. This is the largest oil refinery in the European part of Russia. And this is also the place of shooting the Soviet film "Seven Brides of Efreytor Zbruev" (1971) - the company has just been put into operation. Here they filmed the Russian-American drama "White Swan" (2010), the main role in which he played - attention! - Christian Slater. The plant was given to the film directors for two days absolutely free.

Day 2: Soap operas in Sablino, Gatchina cinema city

Early in the morning we will go to the reserve Sablinsky - a loop between waterfalls and caves, we will learn the locations of our favorite TV series. In the afternoon we will arrive in Gatchina: you can already guess what the plan is for films to be filmed here. It's not that simple, though.

Саблинский водопад

The "Sablinsky" Reserve includes 14 caves, canyons and two plain waterfalls. No one doubted that this picturesque place would be loved by directors. Here they shot the film "Alexander. The Battle of the Neva" (2008), episodes of criminal series "Gaishniki" and "Sea Devils" - can be listed for a long time. It is better to see the beauty of this place not from the screen, but with your own eyes.

The Scotch Bar

I offer lunch in Gatchina, at The Scotch Bar pub. Excellent business lunches are served here from 12:00 to 16:00 on weekdays. In summer you can sit on the summer veranda - the best solution in good weather.

Gazpromneft filling station #701

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Gatchina Palace (Гатчинский дворец)

Gatchina is probably the favorite place for filmmakers south of Peter. Vitaly Melnikov used the Gatchina Palace to tell about the life of Paul I (played by Viktor Sukhorukov). Another historical person settled in the palace in 2014, when Julia Snegir tried on the role of Catherine the Great. Eldar Ryazanov turned Gatchina into Copenhagen during the Nazi occupation (film fairy tale "Andersen: Life without Love", 2006). And in the film "The Left Hand" (1987) with Kuravlov, Gatchina Palace became an English castle for a time. "Holiday" districts of Gatchina also attract directors. One of these streets flashed in "Cargo 200", and for the film "Father" (2007), based on the story of A. Platonov, Gatchina station was covered with artificial snow. And the cherry on the cake: in the film "Going - go" (1978), which was filmed on several Gatchina locations, played a real bandit P. Polozhaev - he was taken under contract from the colony.

Станция «Войсковицы»

For his painting "Weary of the Sun-2: Citadel" (2011) Nikita Mikhalkov chose a landmark attraction - the building of the station at Voyskovitsy station, preserved from pre-revolutionary times.


Due to its location, "Nordic" is popular with tourists and locals, but not for this reason. There are dishes of northern cuisine, which are insanely good. This is also the opinion of tourists from Sweden, Norway and Denmark, who also quote this restaurant.