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From Caves and Canyons to Valleys and Dunes in One Day

From Caves and Canyons to Valleys and Dunes in One Day
Starts from

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


14 Hours


By Car


149 km




History and CultureSights in NatureAdventure
Gran Canaria is called the miniature continent. In this route, you will change four different environment settings in a few hours and you will get to know some historical spots.
This route has been built to discover a few of Gran Canaria's history and nature settings. In fact, it is still possible to experiment with the presence of the Guanches, the indigenous inhabitants of the Canary Islands, by visiting the archeological site in the Telde district.
The trip in itself represents a glimpse of the geographical diversity of the island, possible to experiment in only one day.
Cover Photo
Margherita Barbieri
Margherita Barbieri
Travel Expert
  • Discovering ancient caves.
  • Climbing down a colorful canyon.
  • Driving among green valleys.
  • Walking through the sand dunes.

Travel Itinerary

Venturing Through the Valleys and Drive South
Day 1149 km6 km

Venturing Through the Valleys and Drive South

This is a one-day trip out of Las Palmas different from the usual. A bit of adventure, discovering the history of the island and some places surrounded by nature, to then relaxing on the sunny beaches of the south and enjoying the lights of the sunset among the dunes. To enjoy it properly, it is better to dress in layers, bring some sunscreen, wear comfortable shoes and fill your bottles with water. Maspalomas Dunes Image
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