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Family Trip: Rio Tinto Mines, Beaches and Nature

Family Trip: Rio Tinto Mines, Beaches and Nature
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History and CultureSights in NatureKids Friendly
Get ready for three days of family fun! On this trip you will learn about the history of the Rio Tinto mines, you will travel on a tourist train that follows the course of the river, and you will be amazed by the landscapes left by the mining exploitation.
You'll also take a stroll through the city of Huelva and you'll be able to visit the replicas of the three caravels that Christopher Columbus used on his voyage to America.
You will spend a long time on the beaches and enjoy the purest nature on a 4x4 excursion in the Doñana Nature Reserve.
Three days full of history and nature!
Aldana Chiodi
Aldana Chiodi
Travel Expert
  • Be seduced by the mining landscapes of Rio Tinto and enjoy the tourist train.
  • Go back in time on the replicas of Columbus' Caravels.
  • Enjoy nature in the Doñana Natural Park.

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Travel Itinerary

Discover the Rio Tinto Mining Park
Day 1179 km927 m

Discover the Rio Tinto Mining Park

This first day will mix history, nature and the adventure of travelling by train between the mines. The itinerary proposes a visit to all the attractions of the Rio Tinto Mining Park. There are five in total and it is estimated to take just over six hours (including museum, mines and a ride on a tourist train). During this time, you must also add the time for lunch. The whole family will delve into the history of the mines in this area, exploited by the British Rio Tinto Company Ltd between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Ready? Bring water, snacks, sandwiches, fruit and all the elements to protect the family from the sun.
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A Little Bit of Christopher Columbus and Relaxing on the Beaches
Day 292 km3 km

A Little Bit of Christopher Columbus and Relaxing on the Beaches

Ready to continue? This second day you will learn a bit about the history of the caravels with which Christopher Columbus arrived in America in 1492. Children will love to imagine that journey! You'll also have a short walk through the old town and an afternoon of games and relax on the beach. Bring all your beach gear!
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A Day in The Doñana National Park
Day 3147 km197 m

A Day in The Doñana National Park

The last day of the trip will be full of nature. You will visit the Doñana National Park, one of the most important nature reserves in Europe where various ecosystems such as dunes, pines forest and marshes coexist. The marshes are the breeding and passage area for more than a thousand species of African and European birds, making the park a very good place for birdwatching. Children can be very interested in this activity. As well as watching birds and other animals such as the Iberian lynx, you can go hiking and choose from activities such as 4x4 tours or horseback riding (activities must be booked in advance). Ready?
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