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Family Trip: Caves, Salt Flats, Nature and Street Art

Family Trip: Caves, Salt Flats, Nature and Street Art
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On this two-day, family-friendly route, everyone will be able to enjoy incredible natural sites and have new experiences. The proposal includes getting to know the cave paintings in the Ekain cave (its replica, Ekainberri) and taking part in a workshop where you will learn how prehistoric men hunted, painted and made fire.
The route then continues to the city of Victoria-Gasteiz, one of the greenest cities in Europe. There you will walk through the old town while looking for artistic murals. You can also choose to visit one of its parks by bike. Finally, you will visit the Añana salt mines, where one of the best salts in the world is extracted. You can take part in a workshop and become a salt maker for a day.
An ideal proposal for the family!
Aldana Chiodi
Aldana Chiodi
Travel Expert
  • Travel back in time in Ekainberri and find out how prehistoric men lived.
  • Explore the historic centre of Victoria-Gasteiz through urban art.
  • Take a bike ride in parks.
  • Be amazed at the Añana salt flats and take part in a salt workshop.

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Travel Itinerary

Cave Paintings, Pic Nic and Urban Art
Day 1165 km4 km

Cave Paintings, Pic Nic and Urban Art

Ready for a two-day family trip? On this first day you will visit one of the most interesting cave painting sites in Europe. You can also have a picnic in front of a reservoir and be amazed by the murals in the historic centre of the city of Victoria-Gasteiz.
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Añana Salt Lakes and Gorbeia Natural Park
Day 2121 km1 km

Añana Salt Lakes and Gorbeia Natural Park

Ready to continue? The day starts with a bike ride in one of the parks of the city of Victoria-Gasteiz and continues through the Añana salt flats, where you can choose one of the proposals (or combine several). Before returning to Bilbao you will pass through the Gorbeia Natural Park to see a beautiful waterfall of more than 100 metres. Enjoy!
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