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Extraordinary eco-tour: Volga, parks, lakes and a little extreme.

Extraordinary eco-tour: Volga, parks, lakes and a little extreme.
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Sights in NatureActive Leisure
We all want to try something new and extreme sometimes. And what if extreme is combined with a quiet holiday in nature? This trip contains everything: magnificent natural landscapes, rest on the lake and entertainment that will tickle your nerves.
Anastasia Baklanova
Anastasia Baklanova
  • We will visit the holy spring.
  • We're going to alpaca farm.
  • Let's try an interesting sport: wakeboarding, wakesurfing, windsurfing.
  • We'll stop by the Plesheevo Lake National Park.
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Active recreation
Day 1214 km

Active recreation

Today we have a plan to visit the farm where they grow alpacas. After that we will go towards the national park "Zavidovo", where we will be able to try not only unusual extreme sports, but also just relax on the lake shore and do some fishing.
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Interesnye places on the Volga river
Day 2283 km

Interesnye places on the Volga river

Our journey continues, the morning is the best time for outdoor walks. Further I suggest to have a rest on the bank of the Volga river and look at the bell tower, which is located on a difficult island.
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Plesheevo Lake National Park
Day 3350 km

Plesheevo Lake National Park

I suggest breakfast at the hotel to save time. Today we will admire the views of Lake Nero, visit the holy spring and try one interesting sport.
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