Exotic birds, ancient cities and Cossack traditions - to meet adventures from Rostov-on-Don – Road.Travel

Exotic birds, ancient cities and Cossack traditions - to meet adventures from Rostov-on-Don

Road Trip Route. Admire parrots in Malinky Park, Learn all about Don Cossacks' life, Go skating and horseback riding, See pyramids in the Izlyuchina Eco-Park, Plunge into a fairy tale in the park "Loga"., Unravel the secrets of the past in "Tanais" and the Museum of the USSR.

A trip to the countryside for a couple of days is one of the best options for a short-term family holiday, when a full holiday is still far away, but you need to relax urgently. Horse rides, fabulous parks, museums with outlandish artefacts - fun, informative and interesting, even in winter! **Reserve hotels along the route with a cashback up to 10%. A special offer for Mastercard holders awaits you at the end of the route!

Families with Kids, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Rostov-on-Don

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Tanais, Malinky bird park, entertainment in Shakhty

Start the day by visiting the archaeological park "Tanais", then hurry to the bird park "Malinky". As darkness falls, head to the Vulkan entertainment centre in Shakhty. Finally, you can go skating at the local skating rink, and hurry to spend the night in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.



"Today, Tanais is one of the largest Russian archaeological museum-reserves. In winter, the open-air museum has almost no visitors, so you can wander in silence through the excavations and study the reconstruction of ancient huts. Upon prior request, you can attend individual 45-minute classes with a master - for example, try weaving belts made of thread or weaving using ancient technology. [Museum](https://www.museum-tanais.ru/) is open daily from 9:00 to 5:00. For all questions call +7 (86349)2-04-08.

Malinky Park Food Court

Before a tour of Malinka Park, it would be nice to have a good snack. There are several food courts in the park, where you can stay with your family.

Malinka Southern Bird Park

Malinky Bird Park is the largest bird park in southern Russia. It is home to about a thousand exotic birds and animals. At the entrance you can buy a set of fruit and vegetables to feed the pets. A nice bonus is that birthday kids get in for free. You can buy tickets [on the website](https://malinkibirds.ru/ticketprices).

Family entertainment center "Vulcan Park"

Send the kids to frolic in the centre's huge play area ["Vulcan"](https://www.vulcanpark.ru/), while you relax in the café with a cup of tea. Slides, balloon pools, mazes, trampolines - toddlers can get stuck in for ages! The park is open all weekends and without breaks. For the schedule of workshops and themed events call +7918-897-08-20.

Shakhtinets Ice Palace

If you still have energy left, stop by the "Shakhtinets" ice palace for an hour. Up to 100 people can skate at a time on the 1500 square meter ice rink. Skates can also be rented there. Mass skating sessions are available every day, but be sure to check the schedule by calling 8 (863) 623-86-60.


For dinner, have a look at one of the best restaurants in Shakhty, Sicily. Pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff, reasonable prices. The menu includes Japanese cuisine, salads, main hot dishes and, of course, pizza (including combo from its different types).

Day 2: USSR Museum, Izluchina and Logo parks, and a bowling alley

Start your day with a visit to the curious museum, which will tell you about everyday life and car manufacturing in the USSR era. Take a walk and lunch in the Izluchina Eco-Park and check out the famous fairytale park Loga. Finish the evening with a trip to a bowling club and dinner at one of the best restaurants in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.

Музей Легенды СССР

The theme of the museum "Legends of the USSR" will cause mild nostalgia among parents and great interest among children. The museum contains real rarities of that era: cars, motorcycles, household items and weapons. The chubby samovars, disc phones, record players - your children may not have seen anything like this before. The museum works every day from 9:00 to 18:00, you can order a tour by phone 8-938-145-70-48 or on [website](http://sssr-hotel.ru/).


The eco-park "Izluchina" is tucked away in a picturesque area of the Rostov region. There is a hotel on the territory (where it is definitely worth a summer break) and a whole host of unusual sculptures, figures of fabulous giants, pyramids and stone megaliths. Snags caught in the river turned into bizarre birds, and the millstones of old mills and doorways found in the landfill became full-fledged art objects. Walking among all this beauty is a pleasure! The park is open Tuesday through Sunday. It's advisable to notify about the visit in advance, and you can do it by calling +7 928 175-92-02.

Restaurant in Izluchina Eco-Park.

Inside the largest pyramid in "Izluchin" there is a swimming pool, sauna, billiards, living rooms and restaurant - and after the walk a wild appetite has surely already played out! The authors of the project assure that only natural farm products collected from local lands are used in the kitchen. A tasty lunch made of natural products - what could be better!


Loga Park is probably the most famous park in the Rostov region. Unique landscape design, bridges and sculptures, ponds, the world of "looking-glass", a garden of stones - all this beauty in the frame of a fluffy snow and evening illumination looks many times more fabulous! [Park](https://logapark.ru/) is open 24 hours a day, all year round, free admission. You can relax in free gazebos, which do not need to book in advance. There is a cafe in the park where you can warm up and have a cup of tea.


One of the best restaurants in Kamensk-Shakhtinsk is Sobranie. The menu includes the usual European dishes: borscht with pirozhki, handmade pasta, cutlets and steaks. You'd better book a table in advance by phone 8 (86365) 7-96-96 or 8 (928) 192-49-01.

"Семь огней"

If you have any energy left, head to the Seven Lights bowling alley. There are 4 lanes with tables where you can stretch out with drinks and snacks from the bar. You can go bowling with children from 8-10 years old: if a child is able to lift a ball, he can already play. It is better to occupy a lane in advance by calling 7 (86365) 2-20-06.

Day 3: Horseback riding, bathhouse, Cossacks and quest

On the third day of the trip you will go horseback riding, take a bath in the Russian banya, visit the interactive museum "Cossack camp", where you will feel like real Cossacks and Cossack girls. An excellent end of the day will be a quest-room in Novocherkassk and dinner in a colorful Rostov restaurant.

Colorite Cheque

Early in the morning, hurry to Shakhty to take a horseback ride through the picturesque surroundings. Special riding equipment is not needed - no training is required either: the Kolorit Equestrian Club welcomes guests of absolutely any level. Rides depend on the weather, so be sure to call 8-928-988-37-62 or check information in [group](https://vk.com/loshadi.shakhty) VKontakte before you arrive.

Neskuchny Garden

After horseback riding it is great to warm up in a hot Russian bath or Turkish hammam, which can be found just 10 minutes away from "Colorite". You can also have lunch here. You can order lunch in advance by phone 8-8636-26-10-75; about the sauna, please call 8-8636-26-13-13.

Tourist complex "Cossack camp"

The Cossack camp interactive museum is located at Pukhlyakovsky farmstead. Here you can see a stylized smithy and a kurny, shoot a bow, grind flour, melt a stove - in a word, learn how real Don Cossacks used to live. Much of seen is familiar to the senior generation, but to children it is all in a wonder. In winter [museum](https://vk.com/stan.kazak) works for individual tourists from 10 am to 5 pm. About the visit should be warned in advance, you can do it by phone +7 (928) 198-59-77.


One of the most fascinating entertainments in Novocherkassk is the Maze quest room. Here you can not only solve riddles and try to get out of a locked room, but also relax in the HBOh kinect lounge with table football and air hockey, as well as watch a video from the quest room. Keep in mind that the games are designed for ages 12+ and last about 1 hour. Another hour and a half or two hours can be spent in the lounge for an additional fee (food and drinks can be ordered directly there). You can book the game [on the website](http://maze-quest.ru/strah-temnoty/) and be sure to confirm your reservation by calling +7 952 577 07 21.

La Fabbrica

Dinner in Rostov restaurant "La Fabbrica" will be a great end of the mini-voyage. The menu of the restaurant offers traditional Italian dishes that all family members will appreciate: ravioli with chicken, tomato soup, all kinds of pizza, bruschetta, Sicilian cannoli. **Pay your bill at Novikov Group restaurants with exclusive 10% discount. Advise the waiter that you are a World Elite MasterCard® cardholder before receiving the bill and pay with your World Elite MasterCard®. **[Full Promotion Rules](https://www.mastercard.ru/ru-ru/consumer/offers-promotions.html?offer=novikov-group)]**