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Day 3212 km

Ladies and gentlemen: Agrigento!

Third day immersed in the history of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento: you will visit the park, now a UNESCO heritage site, and the city that welcomes it with its historic buildings and historic restaurants where you will stop to refresh your body and spirit while enjoying excellent dishes of fish; you will walk through the most exclusive streets of the city and end the day in style at the small bay of the port of San Leone, to savor the night full of stars of the Sicilian nightlife.

Day Itinerary

96.2 km1 h 30 min


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The third day of your tour is devoted to discover the temples of western Sicily: you must make a stop in Agrigento, founded around 581 BC. The history around the name of this city is fascinating: Ἀκράγας for the Greeks, Agrigentum for the Romans, Kerkent or Gergent for the Arabs. The Normans called it Girgenti, the official name of the city until 1927, when in the Fascist period it was decided to use the name that the city had during the Roman rule, therefore Agrigento! Until 1853 its territory also embraced the municipality of Porto Empedocle. It is known all over the world as the City of Temples thanks to a valley full of Doric temples, belonging to the Greek period, which gave life to the ancient city and rise to the famous Valley of the Temples, a World Heritage UNESCO Site since 1997 and one of the biggest archaeological park in the world. So, like every stage of this tour, Agrigento is also worth in satisfying your desire in discovering our beauties: just remember that the Greek poet Pindar defined it as the most beautiful city of mortals.
3.9 km10 min
10:302 h 30 min

Valle dei Templi

History Museum
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The Valley of the Temples has been a regional archaeological park since 2000. It was added by UNESCO, in 1997, to the prestigious list of "World Heritage Sites" because Agrigento still represents Greek culture, as well as being one of the main examples of Greek art still in an excellent state of conservation. There are seven temples that rise in this valley, in Doric style, built in the local limestone tuff, starting from the 5th century BC: the temple of Juno, the Temple of Concord, almost intact, whose name it derives from a Latin inscription found near the temple itself; the Temple of Heracles, which appears to be the most ancient of all temples, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, characterized by the Telamons, huge statues with human features; the Temple of Castor and Pollux, the Temple of Vulcan, the Temple of Aesculapius, to which is added the Tomb of Theron, in memory of the fallen of the Second Punic War. Each temple rises facing the sun, to the east, so that the statue of the divinity inside could, for eternity, live on the light of the rising sun. The Valley of the Temples consecrates Agrigento as the cradle of history, as it has been its hub for many centuries. Throughout this area, each stone is a significant testimony of the Greek civilization in Sicily. Countryside of almond trees and flowers cradle the valley, nature that makes it immortal. The Valley of the Temples is open from 8.30 to 19.00 every day including Sundays and holidays. If you want to discover all the other incredible UNESCO sites in Sicily, here is a suggested auditor from izi.TRAVEL!

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Discovering the ancient temples in Western Sicily
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Discovering the ancient temples in Western Sicily
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