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Day 2213 km

Let the tour of the temples begin!

The tour to the archaeological parks of Segesta and Selinunte will keep you company on your second day in Sicily. You will admire the unique beauties in the world that the grandeur of the Hellenic people has bequeathed to us and you will taste the good meat dishes in a farmhouse surrounded by greenery and mountains, you will walk in the quarries of Cusa, in Selinunte, from which the boulders of stone, necessary for the construction of temples; you will move to Marinella di Selinunte for your accommodation and you will end this wonderful day pampering your palate with the Sicilian culinary tradition.

Day Itinerary

33.6 km30 min
09:302 h 30 min

Area Archeologica di Segesta

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After a very rich breakfast, full of energy and ready to discover the history of our island, take your car and start the second day of your tour through the ancient temples of western Sicily! The very first stop for you is Segesta! City founded by the Elimi, an ancient people of Sicily, located in the north-western part of the island, the ancient Segesta rises on Mount Barbaro, in the municipality of Calatafimi Segesta, a few kilometers from the beautiful Castellammare del Golfo. Today you will visit the Segesta Archaeological Park (click for the official brochure) which, inside, preserves the Doric style temple and the Hellenistic theater for a part excavated in the rock of the hill. Archaeological excavations over time have found a Hellenistic-Roman town and a medieval village. Listen the suggested izi.TRAVEL audioguide: it was made by an archaeologist and he wanted to represent the felling of slowly walking to get close to the temple!
7.7 km15 min
Tenute Margana
12:301 h 30 min

Tenute Margana

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In Sicily, in addition to the wonderful fresh fish, you can also enjoy excellent meat and other typical dishes of the rustic cuisine of this fantastic island; for this reason I recommend that you tickle your palates at the Tenute Margana farmhouse. The choice of dishes and typical products, cooked according to the ancient recipes of the Sicilian culinary tradition, is among the widest: fresh hand-rolled pasta topped with typical sauces; second courses of wild boar, lamb, hare, sheep, pork and of course the kings of the Sicilian sweets, the cannoli but also delicious desserts such as cassata and other specialties. This restaurant also satisfies those who do not like meat with vegetable dishes. You can savor their tasty and abundant lunches lulled by an atmosphere of total relaxation, in contact with the nature of the nearby Segesta nature reserve. From here you can admire the Egadi islands, thus feeding your soul with the beauties of the place. The farmhouse is located 5 km from the Temple of Segesta and 15 km from the Zingaro Nature Reserve, in a wooded environment bordering the Segesta Park, at about 450 m above sea level and only 10 km from the sea; so, in case you decide to change your plan, you can take advantage and go on an excursion to the mountains and mountain bikes, because the farm puts them at your disposal for free!

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Discovering the ancient temples in Western Sicily
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Discovering the ancient temples in Western Sicily
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