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Discover the Beauty of Agaete With Its History and Nature

Discover the Beauty of Agaete With Its History and Nature
Starts from

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


13 Hours


By Car


79 km




History and CultureSights in NatureGastronomy
Discover the different souls of the Agate area in the north of Gran Canaria: valleys, mountains, old town and port.
The first stop is the Agaete Valle, renowned for its coffee plantations, the only ones in Europe. You can try the local coffee after visiting the plantations.
The next stop is the old town, where you can visit the botanical garden and the old cemetery, Parque Arqueológico Maipés.
The third stop is at the natural pools where, if the horizon is clear, you can lie in the sun or bathe with a splendid view of the Teide, Tenerife's majestic volcano.
Stroll along the promenade to end the day at the Puerto de las Nieves, where you can admire the mountainous outline of the Dedo de dios, a peculiarly shaped mountain, and dine in one of the typical restaurants overlooking the port.
Margherita Barbieri
Margherita Barbieri
Travel Expert
  • Drive through the beautiful green Valley of Agaete.
  • Visit the only coffee plantations in Europe.
  • Drink fresh coffee after having just roasted it.
  • Eat in a typical Canarian village tavern.
  • Visit the archaeological park of Maipés, the cemetery of the ancient Canaries.
  • Relax in the beautiful natural pools of Agaete.

Travel Itinerary

All the Facets of Agaete
Day 179 km4 km

All the Facets of Agaete

A day exploring the fascinating area of the province of Agaete at different altitudes: starting in the colourful Agaete Valley, where you will surprisingly enjoy a cup of coffee made in Europe. In the upper town of Agaete you can venture through the historic streets of the old village and then head for the coast. Here you'll end up in the water of the Natural Pools, Dress in layers to cope with the varying temperatures throughout the day and don't forget your towel and swimming suit.
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