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Discover the Arctic on the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas

Discover the Arctic on the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas
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3 Days


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437 km




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Discover the Arctic on an unforgettable journey to the ends of the earth. Hard-to-reach rocky shores, unique Arctic nature, huge waves of the Barents Sea washing over harsh rocks, a carpet of moss dotted with cloudberries, shiksha, mushrooms, and abandoned military installations await you. A trip for the strong of spirit and passable cars. Take a break from civilization, on the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas!
Tour features: ✓ Difficult terrain and off-road ✓ The rugged and laconic beauty of northern nature ✓ Places for lovers of military history
Recommendations: ✓ Choose a cross-country vehicle with good tires ✓ Equip yourself - warm and waterproof clothes, shoes and thermal underwear will come in handy even in summer.
✓ Stock up on food, cash and gasoline
Екатерина Крылова
Екатерина Крылова
  • Sredny Peninsula and Rybachy Peninsula.
  • Cape Nemetsky, Skorbeevsky, Kekursky.
  • Famous red-rock shore.

Travel Itinerary

Middle Peninsula
Day 1194 km

Middle Peninsula

Your way will pass through the granite ridge of Mastatunturi, which offers a great panorama of the surroundings. You will see the famous bank of red rocks of quaint shapes, many military fortifications from the Great Patriotic War and picturesque cliffs.
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Rybachy Peninsula
Day 287 km

Rybachy Peninsula

A journey to the edge of the Earth - Nemetsky Cape awaits you. It is the northernmost continental point of Russia! Your way will lie through Cape Skorbeyevsky and Cape Kekursky, you will see the huge waves crashing on the rocky shore. Feel the piercing air of the Arctic Ocean and visit an active lighthouse that lights a fire at the edge of the land.
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Mill Falls and the Valley of Glory
Day 3156 km

Mill Falls and the Valley of Glory

On the way back, visit the largest waterfall on the Titovka River, visit the historical site of the Valley of Glory, and taste the local delicacies.
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