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Day 530 km1 km

Imperial Palace, Kabuki Theatre and Akihabara Electronics District

Today begins with a visit to the Imperial Palace and a walk through its grounds. Next you will be treated to the famous Japanese Kabuki-za Theatre with its history.
Next point is Akihabara, an area in central Tokyo famous for its shops and electronics malls.
At the end of the day is the upscale alien district of Roppongi and the trendy jazz club there.

Day Itinerary

2.9 km15 min
Fruit Parlor Kajitsuen (フルーツパーラー 果実園)
07:301 h

Fruit Parlor Kajitsuen (フルーツパーラー 果実園)

Open Details
This cafe is a real sweet paradise!
A lot of fruits, cakes and desserts are very large and delicious, and they are served very nicely.
Visitors' favourite dessert is a strawberry cake with cream and glaze.
Also a great choice of coffee and tea.
The cafe is open from 7:30 to 10 p.m.
3.2 km10 min
08:5030 min

Chidorigafuchi Park (千鳥ケ淵公園)

Open Details
The garden at the Imperial Palace. Walk through it before you open the palace itself.
It's also the best place to admire cherry trees in Tokyo.
The banks of the ditch are covered with cherry trees for several kilometers, you can contemplate the flowers walking along the ditch, and if you come early and take a turn, you can also watch the flowers from the boat.

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