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Contrasts of Tokyo life

Contrasts of Tokyo life
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The enormous metropolis of Tokyo, the capital of the world's only island empire - Japan - can be described as much as you like! And every time in this city you can highlight something new and unusual.
This ancient city harmoniously combines, complementing each other, futuristic, ultra-modern and ancient Japanese traditions and customs.
The frenetic rhythm of the capital's inhabitants, so unusual and even strange, reigns here.
Tokyo will show you all the brightest contrasts: from ancient shrines and temples to the latest technology, unique inventions and exclusive exhibits of modern exhibitions.
On this itinerary you'll visit the ancient Asakusa district, immerse yourself in the youth life of Shinjuku, enjoy fresh seafood in the elite Ginza district, and also visit Odaiba Island, shop in the best shopping malls and electronics stores in the Akihabara district and much more!
Viktoria Afanaseva
Viktoria Afanaseva
  • See the Old Asakusa Temple and Pagoda District hidden among the skyscrapers.
  • Explore the best electronics stores and innovation centers.
  • Get a glimpse of modern day youth life in Shinjuku.
  • Walk down the exclusive streets of Ginza.
  • Catch a glimpse of a world of cartoon characters at Disneyland.
  • Enjoy nightlife, jazz clubs and theatres in the capital.
  • Visit the Toyota exhibition complex and other technology museums.
  • Sample the freshest seafood in Tokyo's best restaurants.
  • Visit the Imperial Palace.

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Tokyo is a city of powerful technology and achievements, tall skyscrapers and unusual hobbies
Day 122 km

Tokyo is a city of powerful technology and achievements, tall skyscrapers and unusual hobbies

The city of Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It is a huge, ultra-modern metropolis of more than 37 million people. There is a frenzied rhythm of life here, and high-tech innovations coexist with Tokyo's ancient districts. The capital surprises tourists with its countless districts, incredibly complex urban layout. A huge part of the city are mountains of skyscrapers, endless lines of roads and wires, illuminated by bright neon lights and filled with the noise of city life.
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Asakusa - district of ancient temples and pagodas
Day 220 km1 km

Asakusa - district of ancient temples and pagodas

If you want a taste of the Orient, start the day in the Asakusa district, which, more than any other, has preserved the customs and traditions of old Japan. In ancient times, it was famous for its "houses of tolerance" and was considered the most elite place in the city. Visiting several temples and shrines of the Old City is like witnessing the era of the Shoguns, who were the sovereign rulers of the Land of the Rising Sun for a long time. As well as experiencing history, you'll also get to see (and even climb) the popular Skytree TV tower, walk along Tokyo's oldest shopping street and, at the end of the evening, relax in a spa complex.
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Odaiba Technology Island and Tokyo Disneyland
Day 345 km5 km

Odaiba Technology Island and Tokyo Disneyland

Today you will be transported to the fairytale world of Disney cartoons - Disneyland theme park. And then you'll be transported to Odaiba Island, a separate little world of innovative technology. See legendary Toyota cars, vintage and modern, discover the Miraikan Science Museum and ride the Ferris wheel for a great view. At the end, you'll be treated to one of the best spas in the world.
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The colorful district of Shinjuku
Day 426 km6 km

The colorful district of Shinjuku

Shinjuku is an office and entertainment district located in southwestern Tokyo around Shinjuku Station. It is one of the busiest neighborhoods in Tokyo. It is always crowded, both during the day and at night. Here you'll experience Tokyo's tallest skyscrapers and dive into the nightlife on the district's main dynamic street, Kabuki-chō. Towards the end of the evening, you'll be treated to a chic restaurant bar at the Hyatt Hotel with live music, a dress code and gorgeous panoramas.
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Imperial Palace, Kabuki Theatre and Akihabara Electronics District
Day 530 km1 km

Imperial Palace, Kabuki Theatre and Akihabara Electronics District

Today begins with a visit to the Imperial Palace and a walk through its grounds. Next you will be treated to the famous Japanese Kabuki-za Theatre with its history. Next point is Akihabara, an area in central Tokyo famous for its shops and electronics malls. At the end of the day is the upscale alien district of Roppongi and the trendy jazz club there.
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The last morning in the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun
Day 628 km

The last morning in the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun

On the last day of your trip, enjoy the beauty of Tokyo's scenery at Hamarikyu Gardens and be sure to check out Ginza's main fish market.
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