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Conquest of mountain peaks and beer tasting at 700 meters above sea level

Road Trip Route. Climb the observation deck of Akhun Tower and learn the legend of one of the titans of ancient Greek mythology., Take a tour of a brewery located in the mountains at 700 meters above sea level., Ride ATVs or snowmobiles along a mountain river, Walk around the aviary complex of the Caucasian Reserve..

If you have been planning a holiday in the mountains for a long time, then now is the time! Pack your backpack, grab warm things and start the car. You will climb to the top of the mountain Akhun and see unforgettable views of the Krasnodar region. Listen to the legend about Prometheus and walk around the enclosure complex of the Caucasian Reserve. And if you spice it all up with a tasting of mountain beer and a trip along the river and cascade of waterfalls with unusually clean jets on ATVs or snowmobiles - you will have the perfect adventure! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

Active Leisure. From: Sochi

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Abandoned sanatorium, Eagle Rocks and picturesque views of Mount Akhun.

The adventure surrounded by the Caucasian mountains begins with a visit to a place that from the first seconds amazes with its atmosphere and architecture - the sanatorium named after M. Gumilev. Sergo Ordzhonikidze sanatorium. As soon as you finish exploring an abandoned corner of luxury, head for the Eagle Rocks, by the way, there is a beautiful legend associated with this place, which you will learn during the trip. In the afternoon you will visit a mountain brewery on a fascinating excursion.


Санаторий им. Орджоникидзе

Start this two-day adventure with a trip to the most majestic and mystical attraction in Sochi. Abandoned sanatorium named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze - once the favorite vacation spot of many dignitaries - is located in Khostinsky district and attracts tourists with its unique architecture and fascinating views. The entrance to the territory is free, moreover, some buildings even function periodically. In total, the complex consists of 15 objects. From here you can go down to the beach or take a walk along the alley.

Орлиные Скалы

Now go ahead, conquer the mountain peaks! Begin acquaintance with the amazing nature of Sochi in the Khostinsky district, where the picturesque Eagle Rocks. They have a second name - White Rocks because of the limestone, which gives them a light shade. The rocks offer a fascinating view of the mountains and the sea. You will probably wonder why there is a statue of Prometheus here. It is with the Eagle Rocks that the beautiful and tragic legend of the titan who gave people fire and was punished by the gods of Olympus and the oceanide Agura, who decided to put him out of his misery, is connected. According to the legend, Zeus was angry at Agura and threw it off a cliff, falling, it turned into a powerful stream of pure water - this is how the Agura Falls appeared. If you drive an SUV, you can get to the rocks with ease. If your car is not prepared for off-road, it is better to leave it near the river and take a little walk admiring the views. Or you can take a longer hiking route through the gorge along Agura waterfalls.

Башня на горе Ахун / Tower on The Akhun Mountain

I'm sure you've heard of this place, you'll be visiting it today. Mount Akhun is located in the interfluve of the mountain rivers Agura and Khost. At its top there are several interesting sights, one of which is a stone observation tower built by Stalin's order. He was often in these parts and even got a summer cottage here. Not far from the tower you can find an abandoned restaurant, which has also become a favorite tourist attraction because of its elegant appearance. Unlike the restaurant, the tower continues to work and receive guests. You can climb up to the open top ground, look into the small museum and visit the tasting room open right in the building.

Этнографический Музей

You can have lunch and at the same time learn the history of the resettlement of the Amshen Armenians from Turkey to the Black Sea coast of Caucasus, their material and spiritual culture in the Ethnographic Restaurant Complex Amshen Yard. On the territory of the complex there is an ethnographic museum, including more than one and a half thousand exhibits, an archaeological exhibition, a chapel and a memorial to soldiers But that's not all, there is a restaurant complex, the halls of which are decorated in the spirit of Caucasian national architecture. The menu offers delicious dishes of Armenian cuisine.

Смотровая площадка

After a stroll through the ethnographic complex, go and see the breathtaking scenery of the Mzymta River Valley and the mountains and rocks surrounding it.

Endemic Mountain Brewery

After seeing all the most impressive natural attractions of Sochi, we offer a little fun and go on a tour of the Endemic Mountain Brewery, located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. During a tour of the production you will learn how and from what mountain beer is brewed and taste three permanent and several seasonal beers that are constantly changing. Read more about the brewery [on site]( You can order the tour by calling the phone number or writing to the post office of the company, you will find the contacts [here](

Набережная Времена Года

In the evening, take a leisurely stroll along the embankment of the Mzymta River, which offers charming views of the mountains.

As we like.

There are no early rises planned tomorrow, so you can stop by a great bar tonight! In addition to delicious cider and Kraft beer, there is also a large selection of pizza on the menu.

Day 2: Walking around the aviary complex, house-museum of the classic Estonian literature of the 20th century and ATV racing

Today we offer a little walk to the natural sights, a visit to the house-museum of classic Estonian literature of the 20th century. The morning begins with a delicious breakfast and a trip to the Laura cage complex, where animals that for natural reasons cannot live in the wild live. After the walk, visit the house where Anton Hansen Tammsaare, author of the epic novel Truth and Justice, lived. And then go off-road on ATVs or snowmobiles.

Vol'yernyy Kompleks

After breakfast, take a walk around the aviary complex of the Caucasus Nature Reserve. There are all kinds of wild animals that got into trouble, but were able to cure them, and now they live in excellent conditions in "Laura", many of them create families and raise their offspring. Now the Laura open-air complex has about 16 species of mammals and 15 species of birds. The most unusual resident of the complex is a black vulture named Countess. Interestingly, the "Drop of Happiness" foster care programme works here: anyone who is not indifferent can take care of one of the inhabitants of the aviary complex. You can find out more about the aviary complex [on the website](

Dom-Muzey Tammsaare

To diversify this adventure and enrich yourself spiritually, stop by the Anton Hansen Tamsaare House Museum, where you can experience the atmosphere of the 19th and 20th centuries, giving an insight into the tastes, preferences and lifestyles of Estonian immigrants. Here you will learn a lot about the classic of Estonian literature, the author of the epic novel Truth and Justice. The museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00 Holidays are Wednesdays and Saturdays Last Tuesday of each month the museum is closed for health prevention day.


For lunch, stop by Cascade Restaurant with its panoramic windows on the northern slope of Mount Aibga, opposite the confluence of the Achipse and Mzymta rivers. In the menu you will find Caucasian and European dishes. In the afternoon you can visit the open-air museum located in the restaurant complex. The exhibition is based on an extensive collection of more than 30 types of stones.

ATV-TUR rent a quad bike

And now the fun part! Racing in the mountains on ATVs or snowmobiles. The company has developed several routes, we advise to choose "In the footsteps of a brown bear", lasting about 2.5 hours. The route is laid out along a mountain river, a cascade of waterfalls with unusually clean jets, and at the end you will have a fascinating excursion to a real apiary where natural honey of high quality is collected. You can learn more about the route and make a reservation [here](маршрут-по-следам-бурого-мишки/).

Набережная Олимпийского парка

And by tradition, we offer to spend the evening strolling leisurely along the waterfront, but this time in Adler. You can take a quick look at the theme park Sochi Park, where there are a huge number of attractions for every taste.


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