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Temples, ruins and oysters

In better times under the Romans, Colchester's population reached sixty thousand. A colossal scale for a provincial town of that era.

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Roman Theatre
09:3030 min

Roman Theatre

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Colchester had three amphitheatres, one of which seated five thousand people. There is still no theatrical institution of such a capacity in Britain. And Colchester United Football Club's stadium has a similar number of seats.
The ruins of the amphitheatre are still standing; if you have an imagination you can imagine the smart crowd gathered to watch a fashionable play by Plautus, the smell of freshly baked bread which was immediately distributed to the commoners. The people of Colchester had all the rights of Roman citizens, and among the rights, apart from freedom, the most important were the rights to bread and spectacles.
200 m5 min
Colchester Castle Park
10:0530 min

Colchester Castle Park

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There is more Roman in Colchester than anywhere else in Britain. The road system, the town layout - everything is preserved from the time of Emperor Claudius. Even the British military garrison is located on the site of the former plaza of the Twelfth Legion, which conquered Britain for Rome.

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