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Charming Medieval Ireland

Road Trip Route. Start and end of the trip is in Dublin, Drive your rental car around the whole country, Get to know the medieval treasures of Ireland.

When somebody mentions Ireland, the first idea that unwittingly comes into your mind is a pint of beer, a pub or a famous Irish dance. However, the main Ireland’s attractions are its amazing nature and impressive history that everyone can see through ancient medieval castles, strict gothic cathedrals and many religious buildings. This road trip provides a seven-day route with visits to the most interesting places, where you can find a majestic medieval atmosphere.

History and Culture. From: Dublin

Nataliya Kharlanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Let's Start Our Wonderful Trip!

Extraordinary views will not leave you indifferent as soon as you get to Dublin. It's true that tonight we preferred not to be burdened so that we could rest after the road and take things apart.


Winding Stair

Cafe Winding Stair is a well-known location because in the 70-80's of the last century it was a popular place for holding discussions and creative classes. Many poems and novels were written there and many movies were made in the walls of this cafe. This cafe is cozy and inexpensive at the same time with a creative atmosphere inside.

Day 2: We Study the Spiritual Places of Ireland.

We decided to get up early to see everything, because so much is planned for today. We will visit holy places, art museum, see beautiful sights and even visit the brewery!

Brother Hubbard North

You can have breakfast at the hotel, if the room reservation includes breakfast, or at the breakfast’s cafe “Brother Hubbard North”, which is highly appreciated as by residents and tourists.

St Patrick's Cathedral

While walking along the central part of Dublin, you can’t miss the majestic building – St. Patrick's Cathedral. Being one of the main sights of the city, the cathedral is eye-catching by its strict, but elegant architecture in the neo-gothic style. You just can’t say that the structure was built in the 12-13 centuries.

Christ Church Cathedral

Not so far from St. Patrick's Cathedral you can see another unique religious structure - the Cathedral of Christ. The age of the building astonish everyone: the cathedral was built in the distant 1031! You will likely notice the same strict gothic style. On Sundays the cathedral runs only for two hours - from 12:30 to 14:30.

Super Miss Sue

Super Miss Sue is considered to be one of the best seafood restaurants in Dublin according to visitors' reviews.

Guinness Storehouse

The museum-brewery of the world-famous beer has become a cult place of interest and a must-see point for groups of tourists in their visiting excursion. Visitors get an opportunity to see all the stages of preparation of the drink, as well as taste it at any stage.

Irish Museum of Modern Art

A visit to the Irish Museum of Modern Art will be a real pleasure. A riot of colors, a variety of exhibits, a fascinatingly beautiful building. You will cheer yourself up and enrich your knowledge.

St Stephen's Green

It's a great place to be alone with yourself, to think about something or just to enjoy nature and be outdoors. The best part is to really get a real break from everything around you!

The Pig's Ear

First of all, the restaurant attracts visitors with its amusing name ("Ear of a Pig"), as well as a variety of Irish cuisine dishes. In 2009, the restaurant "Pig's Ear" was awarded the title "Michelin Bib Gourmand". It’s closed on Sundays and holidays.

Samuel Beckett Bridge

You can finish the second day of acquaintance with the Irish capital by walking along the unusual bridge of Samuel Beckett.

Day 3: Long Way

Today we're going to make some progress on our way to see two beautiful castles. Medieval Ireland is beautiful and very unusual!

Blas Cafe

Blas Cafe with its convenient location and good reputation is the appropriate place to have breakfast. It’s closed on Sundays.

Rock of Cashel

The road from Dublin to this place isn’t short, but this castle is definitely worth to see. The castle-rock, which is considered to be the symbol of the firmness of the Irish people, was erected in the distant 4 century.

Cahir Castle

Despite its age (it was built in the 12th century), the castle is really well preserved and is one of the main castles of Ireland.

The Galtee Inn

You can dine next to the castle of Cair - in the small cafe The Galtee Inn. The cuisine is ordinary; however the location of the cafe is very convenient for the hungry visitors of the castle. In general, there is rather developed infrastructure for tourists next to this landmark.

Cahir Park

Before having dinner, you can take a walk around the park near the castle.

The Galtee Inn

For the dinner, we come back to the cafe The Galtee Inn.

Day 4: Continuing to Inspect the Corners of Ireland.

Our trip today is planned in such a way that we will see the castle, take a walk in nature and even go to one very beautiful church.

River House Cafe

For the breakfast we go to the “morning café” River House Cafe, which runs from 9.00. Also you can have breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

Blackrock Castle

Wonderful castle, always amazed by the majesty and size of castles, as well as how they have survived in our time. It is a huge stone structure, which is very fascinating.

St Fin Barre's Cathedral

Cathedrals are my separate love. The stained-glass windows, the smell of incense, the muted light and the smoke of candles. A very tranquil aura. All this is very calming and directs thoughts in the right direction.

Elizabeth Fort

Elizabeth’s Fort is a fortress of the 17th century, erected with a defensive purpose. The fort not so long has become a tourist object, therefore it is available partly for visiting, but everyone can climb on fortifications and enjoy the views of the city. If you get lucky, you can go to a festival or fair, which is periodically held there.

Liberty Grill

It’s a small cafe in the center of Cork with a variety of dishes: from French toasts to hamburgers. It’s closed on Sundays.

Ballincollig Regional Park

A half-hour walk in the park along the river will relax you and fix your thoughts.

Market Lane

That’s a popular restaurant in Cork that has a great success.

Day 5: We Continue Our Journey Through the Middle Ages.

Today we will take a full dive into the Middle Ages, see the magnificent castles and walk in the park and one of the historic sites of Ireland.

Cork Coffee Roasters

Have breakfast at the coffee house Cork Coffee Roasters and move to a new place.

Blarney Castle

Despite being partly destructed, the castle still remains a great tourist’s interest. Blarney is a square-shaped dungeon fortress, built in the 15th century. The castle became famous due to the well-known stone of Oratory, to which a large number of tourists come for the acquisition of eloquence.

The Blarney Stone

We came not only to see Blarney Castle itself, but also to kiss the stone of eloquence. Each city, each country has its own sights, which legendarily have certain abilities, so it is very interesting to visit them.

Ross Castle

Another castle on our way, surrounded by beautiful nature, inspiring with its majesty and beauty.

Quinlans Seafood Bar

For the lunch, you can look into the seafood restaurant Quinlans Seafood Bar, that is located just outside the castle of Ross.

Muckross House

An amazing and beautiful place that shouldn’t be ignored, if you are in the countyof Kerry.

Killarney National Park

The Killarney National Park is a very picturesque and memorable place located on the shore of the lakes of Killarney. Looking at the vast territory (10 thousand hectares) with mountains, forests and heathlands, you understand why this magnificent park was a candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage in Ireland.

Bricín Boxty House

You can have dinner at the restaurant of Irish cuisine Bricín Boxty House, which was opened only 20 years ago. It’s closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Day 6: Sightseeing

We also continue to watch the castles, go look at the mohair cliffs and take a walk on the beach.

Petit Delice

You can start the day with the bakery Petit Delice, where you can taste deliciously delicate pastries according to visitors' reviews.

Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

There are enough castles in Ireland, but each of them has its own character and its history. Bunratty Castle, for example, is unique in its interior: there are wooden furniture from the 15th to 16th centuries, ancient paintings, huge tapestries and various utensils inside the castle. This castle really is a historically significant one, that can be called one of the treasures of Ireland.

The Creamery

For lunch you can check out The Creamery restaurant with Irish steaks and seafood.

Cliffs of Moher

A truly spectacular view on the Atlantic Ocean and Galway Bay and breathtaking landscapes can be seen from the cliffs of Moher. You feel the greatness of nature here. Such views are so breathtaking that you do not want to leave this place at all. This place is a must-see point in Ireland. At the top of the rocks is O'Brien's observation tower, where you can climb and enjoy even more beautiful landscapes.

Danny Mac's Lahinch

Typical Irish establishment. Gastropubs are always attracted by the fact that people come here not only to drink beer, but also to have a tasty meal.

Lahinch Beach

A walk along the beach of the Atlantic Ocean at sunset is a perfect way to finish this day.

Day 7: Concluding Day in Ireland

As this is our last day in Ireland, today we will look at a few more castles and take a little walk, and then go to our room to pack our bags and rest before the upcoming flight home.

Poulnabrone Dolmen

Ireland is famous for a huge number of attractions. When we made the itinerary, we took a very long time to choose what we wanted to see. It is a tomb and it is shrouded in mysticism, which couldn't help but attract us.


Clonmacnois Monastery impressed us. To be more precise, its ruins. Once upon a time there was a whole complex that included a cathedral, a castle and temples. Nowadays, it is quite well preserved. It's a national monument in Ireland. It was very interesting to see it all.

The Thatch Crinkill

Have lunch at The Thatch Crinkill. The choice of cafes and restaurants in this area isn’t wide enough, so head there.

Birr Castle Demesne

This castle is surrounded by unusually beautiful gardens and parks. The castle itself is built in Gothic style, it is unusual and very attractive. The most interesting thing was the main attraction of the castle - the Leviathan telescope. It used to be the biggest telescope in the world. Also this place is very valuable in the history of photography, thanks to Mary Ross. In general, you can walk all day in Bear Castle and its surroundings and you can still find things to see and do.

The Thatch Crinkill

For dinner we come back to The Thatch Crinkill.

Day 8: Homecoming

Our trip has come to an end, today we will turn in the rental car and head home.