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Cartagena and the Murcian Coast

Cartagena and the Murcian Coast
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On this road trip through the little-visited Murcian region of Spain, you'll take in the beautiful coastline and turn inland, enjoying the historic sights dotted throughout the rugged landscapes. Cartagena is a highlight, an all-important harbor for the Romans that still does a brisk business today. There's the unique strip of coastline that is Mar Menor, Murcian's favorite holiday destination, and then inland you'll visit Lorca, a beautiful medieval city that was once at the front line of the wars between Christians and the Moors.
But above all, this trip is about appreciating the rugged beauty of the Murcia region and its laid-back Spanish culture. You'll sit shoulder to shoulder with locals in the bars, enjoy sunny lunches by the beach, and drive through forgotten medieval towns. The Murcian region has a lot to offer, and is slowly starting to make a name for itself on the tourist map of Spain – and this trip will help you understand why. Welcome to one of the forgotten corners of Spain.
James Taylor
James Taylor
Travel Expert
  • Visit the incredible Roman theatre in Cartagena.
  • Enjoy a rejuvenating mud bath on the shores of the stunning Mar Menor.
  • Explore the magic medieval history of Lorca, the prettiest city in the region.

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Travel Itinerary

Exploring the Shores of Mar Menor
Day 1148 km287 m

Exploring the Shores of Mar Menor

On the first day of your road trip along Murcia's coast, you'll first drive down to Mar Menor, exploring the nature reserve and taking a rejuvenating mud bath in the waters. Then, with a few stops on the way, you'll slowly make your way into Cartagena, an ancient port city whose historic pedigree in the region is unmatched.
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Cartagena and the Costa Cálida
Day 255 km3 km

Cartagena and the Costa Cálida

On day two of this itinerary, you'll spend your morning exploring the wonders of Cartagena, including a stop at the impressive Roman theater and the historic castle. Then, you'll drive west from the city through a nature reserve, making a few detours to the rugged coast before finishing up in the popular seaside resort town of Puerto de Mazarrón.
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Dusty Roads and Medieval Gems
Day 3147 km471 m

Dusty Roads and Medieval Gems

On the third and final day of this road trip, you'll continue southeast along the coast before turning up towards Lorca. A highlight of the region, this is a Medieval town with a storied history. Then, back toward Murcia City, with a handful more stops to enjoy the dusty, desert-like landscapes.
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