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Day 1111 km

Sokolina hunting, ski resort, creative laboratory

Start your day by admiring the take-off planes near Sheremetyevo Airport. Then go on an unusual excursion to the Falcon Hunting Center, and in the afternoon sharpen your skills in the ski resort "Volen". In Dmitrov, visit Genesis, a creative laboratory for children and adults, to take a carpentry quest together or learn to draw with a 3D pen.

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32.4 km50 min
Lookout platform
09:0515 min

Lookout platform

General Entertainment
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Next to Sheremetyevo Airport there is some kind of observation deck from where you can admire the take-off and landing planes. Alas, the platform is not equipped: cars park right along the road. But when you see metal giants flying right above your head, you will immediately forget about these little inconveniences.

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