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Carpentry quest, dog sledding and raccoon encounters

Carpentry quest, dog sledding and raccoon encounters
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2 Days


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295 km






Kids Friendly🎅 Winter Trips
Ski resorts, falconry nurseries, modern creative laboratories, exotic ethnoparks - in the north of the Moscow region there are a lot of interesting places for quality family recreation. We offer not to be afraid of cold and to give in to a call of adventures - will be cognitive and very fun!
Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!
Mastercard Routes
Mastercard Routes
  • Get to know the charming raccoons.
  • Dog sledding and camel riding.
  • Learn the secrets of falconry hunting.
  • Conquer the forest path on ATVs.
  • Pass the carpenter's quest in Dmitrov.
  • Visit a farm with goats and sheep.
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Sokolina hunting, ski resort, creative laboratory
Day 1111 km

Sokolina hunting, ski resort, creative laboratory

Start your day by admiring the take-off planes near Sheremetyevo Airport. Then go on an unusual excursion to the Falcon Hunting Center, and in the afternoon sharpen your skills in the ski resort "Volen". In Dmitrov, visit Genesis, a creative laboratory for children and adults, to take a carpentry quest together or learn to draw with a 3D pen.
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Raccoons, hasks, camels, goats and ATVs.
Day 2184 km

Raccoons, hasks, camels, goats and ATVs.

In the morning, go to meet charming raccoons, and in Sergiev Posad, go for a dogsled ride and meet little Huskies. In the afternoon, drop by the Nomad Ethnopark for real yurts and camel rides. Don't miss out on quad bikes through snow-covered forest and then pick up water from Radonezh's springs. Finally, visit the farm to buy organic produce and check out goats and geese.
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