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Day 2210 km

Kasimovskie Seats

The second day of our road trip will be fully devoted to the history of a small town Kasimov. We will get acquainted with the main events that took place on this land, visit the cathedral and see how difficult it used to be to brew tea.

Day Itinerary

2.2 km10 min
Kasimov Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve, Khan Mosque
09:001 h

Kasimov Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve, Khan Mosque

Open Details
The city of Kasimov is an open-air museum in itself, but to plunge deeper into its history we will go to the museum-reserve of the same name.
Here you will learn about the local flora and fauna, traditions and customs of the merchant's county, life of the city during the hard times of the Great Patriotic War and its development during the peaceful Soviet period.
If you travel with children, you can take a master class in kasimovskoy painting for the duration of your visit to the museum.
Ability to conduct the master class be sure to specify in advance by phone: 8(49131) 4-38-36.
The museum is closed on Mondays and the last Friday of each month.
998 m5 min
Музей Русский самовар
10:101 h

Музей Русский самовар

Open Details
The museum presents 300 different exhibits that represent the 4th century of tea drinking in Russia.
You can visit the museum any day of the week except Monday.

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