Bisons, wolves, crocodiles - all in the Moscow region. – Road.Travel

Bisons, wolves, crocodiles - all in the Moscow region.

Road Trip Route. Kolomna sightseeing tour, Crocodile Farm, Ark Zoo., Bison kennel.

For those who want to diversify the familiar family life, this tour is a real find! We offer to wander on a paving stone of the Old Russian city of Kolomna and to rise on towers of its Kremlin. Then get acquainted with Valera, the crocodile who allows ironing his tail, on a croc farm. In the evening, relax in nature in an eco-hotel: catch fish, go horseback riding or take a boat ride on the river... How about taking a memory photo with real predators and feeding the mighty bison? All this can be done in just two days! Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Multivan](

Families with Kids. From: Moscow

Volkswagen Multivan.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Visit to the old Kolomna and crocodile farm near the city

At the beginning of the day you will have a sightseeing tour of the beautiful Old Russian town Kolomna. In the afternoon we'll visit a crocodile farm where we can feed these exotic reptiles. In the evening we will move to the eco-hotel "Berkhino" and diversify our leisure time by horseback riding or fishing at the evening viewpoint.


Коломенский кремль

The Kolomna Kremlin was built almost at the same time as the Moscow Kremlin. That's why they're a bit alike. The main difference is that inside the Kolomna Kremlin there are still residential buildings of the townspeople, and even fewer towers - only four.

Памятник Дмитрию Донскому

The monument to the great Russian warrior prince was installed in Kolomna for a reason. It was here that Dmitry Donskoy gathered his army to fight against Mamaia, to defeat the enemy on the Kulikovo field.

Маринкина башня

One of the Kremlin towers, where you can get on a tour. It is named so because Marina Mnishek - wife of Falsdmitry I and then Falsdmitry II - was imprisoned here for a long time.

Соборная площадь

The first buildings appeared on this square back in XIV century. The main building is the Assumption Cathedral. It keeps the icon that was with Dmitry Donskoy during the battle with Mama on Kulikovo field. In 2007, a monument to Cyril and Methodius was erected on the square.

Пятницкие ворота

Friday's gate was the main gate of the Kolomna Kremlin. Upstairs there was a knock-on bell, the ringing of which warned about dangers.

Eco girl. Crocodile Farm

Few people know about the existence of a croc farm in the Moscow region. This is a very interesting place, especially for children! There are over fifty crocodiles of different species on the farm. It's very interesting to watch them and even feed them meat from a fishing rod. In addition to crocodiles, ordinary pets live on the farm: cows, sheep, goats, horses and donkeys. The mini-zoo contains iguanas, snakes and chameleon. The farm also has gastronomic purposes. Here cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt are produced, and grape snails are grown for sale in restaurants.


We'll have lunch at Cafe Ray. Delicious large portions, children's menu, great desserts. Modern and cozy design. It's a good place to catch your breath and go for a new adventure!

Ecotourism Center "Berkhino"

The Ecotourism Center "Berkhino" is located on the bank of one of the tributaries of the Oka River. In Sturgeon, that's the name of this tributary, there are a lot of fish, so fishing at the evening sight will give you great pleasure. You can also just rent a boat or catamaran and swim on the river. Extreme lovers are offered rafting, and professional coaches will help beginners who have decided to visit the equestrian sports complex. There is a mini-zoo for children, a large playground and animator services. You can learn more about the services and book extreme entertainment at [site](

Day 2: Photo session with animals and visit to the observatory

Today we will go to the Ark Zoo to take original family photos with wild animals and walk around a pine forest. In the afternoon we will visit a tour in the cloakroom of Prioksko-Terrasny reserve.

Ark Zoo.

The zootudio is located in a pine forest. Employees of the studio will first tell and show you the conditions under which the animals are kept. Then they will be able to talk to the animals and feed them with ready-made feed. After the photo shoot, everyone rides horses, and then is offered to drink tea with pancakes and condensed milk at the real hearth. Photo on your camera during the excursion can be taken for free in any quantity! *Before you go, make sure you make an appointment by phone or on the official [site](


For lunch, we recommend staying at "Good luck" restaurant. Beautiful home atmosphere, reasonable prices. Creative and varied menu. Muale stuffed with warm white chocolate and passion fruit sauce with bitter chocolate - that's the dessert you want to try it with!

Зубровый питомник

Just imagine: scientists consider bison to be the same age as mammoths. You can see this miracle of nature in Prioksko-Terrasny reserve. You can visit the bison only if accompanied by a guide. On weekdays the excursion starts at 15-00, you should arrive in advance to have time to buy tickets in the administrative building. And on weekends excursions are held every hour.

Кафе «Панда»

We'll have dinner at Cafe Panda. It offers European, Russian and home cuisine. Cozy cafes and hospitality of the staff will help to relieve fatigue after a long journey.