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Bergamo – Milan – Como

Road Trip Route. You will visit Milan, Bergamo, the spa town of Como, Discover art exhibitions, Wander through the ancient streets of ancient cities, Climb to the roof of famous Milan Cathedral and see the whole city beneath you., Explore ancient temples, Enjoy the beauty and mystery of Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, Relax on Lake Como.

Italy is good at any time of the year. This small road trip is possible in any season. After all, it is not necessary to join crowds of travelers from around the world in high season.

Relaxing Leisure, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Bergamo

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Hello, Italy!

Tonight is an introduction to Bergamo, a delicious dinner and first impressions.

Ristorante Pizzeria San Vigilio

Having made a reservation outside, we will be sybaritting, can there be anything better than a leisurely dinner with a view of the evening Bergamo? Fish dishes, delicious pizza, grilled vegetables, good wines, serving... Have you got the Italian spirit yet?

Day 2: A stunning experience in Milan

Today we will travel from Bergamo to Milan, visiting Milan Cathedral, the exhibition in Palazzo Reale, shopping and walking in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and along Via Dante. We will see Leonardo da Vinci's fresco "The Last Supper" and visit the Church of San Maurizio and the Basilica of St. Ambrose.

Pasticceria Marchesi

And for breakfast, we're going right to this famous pastry shop! It's already very famous, although it opened quite recently. Beautiful place, wonderful pastry chef, delicate interiors, exquisite menu. What else is there to be happy about? There she is, our dolce vita!

Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano)

First of all, we head to the famous Milan Cathedral, erected in honor of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary and built over many centuries. It's in the heart of Milan, all the streets are separated from him. The height of the spire is 106 meters. It's an architectural dominance of the city. And how beautiful he is! Made in the style of late Gothic, striking its majesty and sublimity. Marble lace, sculptures, columns... It's so airy! You can climb the roof of the Cathedral by stairs or by elevator. There's a lovely view. Enjoy the views, remember to take photos and shoot videos.

Palazzo Reale

Just 5 minutes' walk from Milan's Cathedral is the Royal Palace, which often hosts wonderful exhibitions. It's a wonderful place for art lovers. On the walls of the halls there are beautiful paintings and interactive video programs, thanks to which you can trace the path of creating masterpieces. The light is very well exposed. The expositions are constantly changing. The museum is open daily until 19-30, and on Thursdays and Saturdays until 22-30. Visit the palace for free, exhibitions are paid.

La Locanda Del Gatto Rosso

To preserve the Italian atmosphere we go to a restaurant in the city center for lunch. Luxury portions, decent serving, delicious pizza, good service.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

After lunch we go to the gallery of Victor Emmanuel II built in the second half of XIX century. Unique architectural solution - the gallery is shaped like a cross with an 8-coal dome in the center. The gallery connects the square in front of the Cathedral of Milan and the square in front of the Teatro alla Scala. This is where we're headed for shopping. Many famous shops, cafes and restaurants are located in this tourist attraction. And it's a pleasure to walk around the gallery without shopping. Sometimes there are exhibitions and concerts.

Museo Cenacolo Vinciano

And then - a visit that will probably leave the most indelible impressions! In this museum of art there is a real treasure - a fresco "Last Supper" by Leonardo Da Vinci. This is unbelievable! If you don't believe me, see for yourself. Although the visit lasts no longer than 15 minutes (longer not allowed - bad for the mural), the experience will remain for the rest of your life. Tickets must be booked in advance. Photos and videos are not allowed.

Caffetteria Leonardo

Let's have a look at this cozy coffee shop to make the experience go away. Quiet, calm, delicious and fragrant. You can sit at tables outside.

Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore

The Church of San Maurizio is also called "Sistine Chapel of Milan", so it's magnificent. The frescoes were performed by students of the school Leonardo da Vinci, as well as Bernardino Luini and his sons. The space inside is divided into 2 halls: the front one for parishioners and the back one for nuns. Until 1798, it was the main Benedictine convent. The paintings cover literally all walls of the building, illustrating the lives of saints and the history of the passions of Christ. The church hosts organ concerts.

Via Dante

Next, we'll take a walk down Dante Street. You can buy a lot of things here, or you can sit, relax and have lunch. It's a pedestrian street, right next to the Sforza Castle. Beautiful buildings of XVIII - XIX centuries on both sides of the street, there is something to admire.

De Santis

A quiet sandwich bar with the atmosphere of old Milan. On the walls there are photos of the celebrities who visited him. Huge selection of sandwiches with very tasty content.

Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio

And now we will visit the building, which was built by order of Ambrosius Mediolansky himself. This is an early Christian basilica, where the relics of Amvrosius himself and early Christian martyrs rest. Construction began in the late 300s AD, and the final reconstruction was carried out in the XIX century. The facade is typical of the Romanesque style, with loggias in arched galleries. Outside the basilica was decorated for many centuries, but inside its shape remained in its original form. Currently, on December 7, on the holiday of Ambrosia Mediolanski, there is a colorful fair, where you can buy various souvenirs and delicacies.

Day 3: The fairytale charm of Lake Como

Early in the morning we'll have a fabulous trip to the coastal town of Como and the lake of the same name. There we will spend the whole day strolling through squares, ancient cathedrals and churches, the emerald lawned beach, climbing Mount Brunate and visiting an ancient villa. And, of course, we'll eat heartily prepared delicacies.

Lungolago di Como

Right in the morning, we go to Lake Como. It is very picturesque, the third largest in Italy and very deep! Lake Como is surrounded by mountains like a good diamond set. The azure sky, the azure sea - breathtaking with beauty! On the shore you can take the boat and continue your journey right on the water! The views are wonderful, don't forget to take a memory photo and shoot a video. Have you noticed how fresh the air is? Walk, walk, drink with beauty.

Caffè Monti

In the fresh air, a brutal appetite is played out! We're having breakfast in a cafe on the coast, it's just a dream! What kinds, what delicious cakes! I hate to leave here until tonight, but there's so much to do.

Piazza del Duomo

We'll start with the central square to see the city of Como. Magnificent square overlooking the wonderful, airy, cathedral. Its construction lasted for four centuries and was completed in 1770. Because of this you can see a clear mixture of styles - Gothic is next to Baroque, but this does not detract from its beauty. Look at the figures on the facade, and take pictures, take pictures.

Piazza San Fedele

The dominant feature of St. Fidel's Square is the temple bearing his name. In the third century, St. Fidel preached in these places. Modest on the outside, this Romanesque basilica, inside, amazes with beautiful Baroque interiors with marble altar and magnificent frescoes. Non-surface light flows through high windows and transforms everything around. The square itself is very old, it used to have a grain market.

Funicolare Stazione Brunate

Now let's take the funicular up the mountain. Wonderful views from a bird's-eye view of the lake and the city. You can see the emerald domes of the cathedral. And the view of Lake Como is wonderful! The lake is as clear as a shimmering crystal, then in a light foggy haze. The nature here is amazing, because this is the North of Italy, almost the border with Switzerland, and even in the mountains. If you go to the right after climbing the mountain, you will find yourself on the observation deck, it also offers a wonderful view of the lake. It's a great place to relax.

Trattoria Dei Bracconieri

Right here upstairs, and we'll have lunch. What marvelous views you can see here! And the dishes are just a fairy tale. Immediately felt, cooked from the soul. Rest and enjoy the moment.

Lido di Villa Geno

Downstairs, we go to the beach. Rest on the full program! Sunny baths and fresh air, wonderful!

Villa del Grumello

On the coast of Lake Como chic villas. One of them is Villa del Grumello, built in the XVIII century. It was reconstructed in the 2000s and now it is happy to see that various conferences, master classes, concerts and educational events are constantly held there. Going back to tradition, the chic stables and greenhouses have also been restored here. So now to see everything, let's take a walk in the park.

Ristorante Kincho

It would be nice to have dinner after the walk! Again we choose a place overlooking the lake and are located outdoors. Great place and hot Argentinean cuisine. The service is unobtrusive and cordial.

Day 4: Homecoming

That's the end of our short trip. But the impressions will stay for a long time!