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Basque Family Trip: Gaztelugatxe "GOT", Coast and Country

Basque Family Trip: Gaztelugatxe "GOT", Coast and Country
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3 Days


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244 km






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The Basque country of Spain is rich in tradition and ancient wonders.
On this 3-day active adventure route designed especially for families, you'll explore the rugged coastline and interior countryside all while keeping the kids entertained and captivated.
You'll take a hike to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, explore the old quarters of fishing villages and ports, learn about million-year-old geological rock formations, cruise on a boat and so much more.
And best of all, there's plenty of time to relax on the beach and indulge in the famous Basque wines and pintxos.
Darcy Tuscano
Darcy Tuscano
Travel Expert
  • Climb to "Dragonstone" of Game of Thrones Fame.
  • Explore Fishing Villages and Sample Basque Cuisine.
  • Take a Boat and Discover Ancient Rock Formations.
  • Be Transformed with Tales of War and Peace.

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Travel Itinerary

Gaztelugatxe: Game of Thrones "Dragonstone", Bermeo and Lekeitio
Day 178 km9 km

Gaztelugatxe: Game of Thrones "Dragonstone", Bermeo and Lekeitio

Game of Thrones Fan, Rejoice! Today, you and your children will be hiking to "Dragonstone" also formerly known in Basque as San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. This day will also take you to two beautiful Basque fishing villages with charming ports and wild surf beaches. A day of adventure and fun!
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Lekeitio, A Surf Beach and a Cool Boat Ride
Day 259 km6 km

Lekeitio, A Surf Beach and a Cool Boat Ride

This is a day all about the water! You'll start your day relaxing on the beach with the surfers or exploring a cute little port village. Later, you'll have the chance to play on million-year-old giant rock formations and hike to stunning viewpoints. Finally, you'll end your day with a boat trip touring the Atlantic coast and the fascinating geological formations only found in this area.
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War and Peace in Guernica Photo Suggestion
Day 3107 km3 km

War and Peace in Guernica Photo Suggestion

Today you'll be educating the kids all while having fun. You'll start with visiting a flock of sheep at your country home and sampling their cheese. Maybe you'd like to buy some to take home? For the morning's activities you'll have the chance to go full force with trains of all kinds, including the chance to ride an old-fashioned steam locomotive OR discover new things all about the environment at a cool museum. NOTE Enjoy your hotel this morning and explore the natural countryside and farm animals. Below are two choices for activities this morning: A Railway Museum A Museum focused on the environment and climate change that is geared towards children (and adults!) If you choose to do both activities, please be aware you won't make it to the Peace Museum in Guernica before closing (weekends at 15:00), but you will be able to do all other activities in Guernica. Later, you'll end the day in Guernica, a tragic symbol of war, peace and hope.
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