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Around Tenerife in Eight Days

Road Trip Route. Experience one of the most beautiful and well-equipped beaches in the world, Enjoy incredible and beautiful natural landscapes, Explore the history and traditions of the island and visit the most significant historical sites, Appreciate the excellent Spanish cuisine in the cozy restaurants by the ocean.

Tenerife is the largest and most hospitable island of the Canary archipelago. It is called "the island of eternal spring" for a reason: the air temperature does not sink under +20° in winter and remains at about +25° in summer. Here you can find entertainment for every taste, from a relaxing family holiday in Puerto de la Cruz to unforgettable diving in the south-western part of the island, from the bustling resorts of Las Americas and Costa Adeje to the sands of Playa de la Arena considered to have healing powers. Tenerife offers thousands of interesting landscapes. The steep and rocky shores in the north of the island are strikingly contrasted with the landscapes of the southern beaches. In the depths of the island you will find green forests and even “alpine fields”. And the cities will present a meeting with the historical heritage of the ancient sellers who sent their goods to the New World through Tenerife and the Atlantic Ocean. Tenerife attracts millions of tourists with its rich nature, authentic architecture, stunning climate and great beaches, but another significant factor of popularity is the traditional Spanish cuisine, which today is not much different from the old, original, tasty and simple farmer's one. Fresh greens, goat cheese, farm bread, olives, fish dishes, cider and sangria wine - any restaurant on the seashore offers these sunsoaked treats. Tenerife is too different to get bored, too beautiful to get tired, the island guarantes the car-traveler the exciting impressions and needing to get some new flash cubes.

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Your first steps on the island

Since we are a bit pressed for time today, our exploration of the extraordinary Tenerife will be limited only to entering the world of the wonderful and unique cuisine of the Canary Islands, known worldwide not only for its impressive palette of tastes, but also for its significant nutritional value.

El Caballo Blanco

You will spend your first dinner in Tenerife at El Caballo Blanco, looking beyond the ocean. The restaurant serves excellent seafood and fish dishes, a variety of desserts and a good selection of alcoholic beverages. You can choose to dine in a cozy and tidy room, or on a wonderful terrace, contemplating the wondrous nature.

Day 2: Wonderful beaches and relaxing walks

Today guarantees you plenty of wonderful impressions, because we begin our incredible journey through the most picturesque places of a unique island. Walks, offering breathtaking views of the coastal city and majestic ocean expanses, awaits you. We will also visit one of the best water parks in Europe and begin a culinary tour of the island’s restaurants today.

HiperDino El Médano

You're going to have a ful and busy day, and it would be demanding. During the day you're going to have an unforgettable picnic in the incredibly beautiful places of this island. So you've got some serious shopping to do at the local grocery store.

La Tejita Beach (Playa La Tejita)

Playa La Tejita is the best place to have some rest, lie on the soft sand, feeling the gentle sea breeze and savoring a soft drink. Explore the incredible beauty of the natural landscapes of the mountains and the ocean and make some great holiday shots here.

Montaña Roja

Take an unforgettable walk to the Montaña Roja mountain. It offers extremely beautiful landscapes of the sea shining in the sun, extraordinarily beautiful natural landscapes, and incredible panorama of the island right at your fingertips.

Monumento Natural de Montaña Amarilla

Montaña Amarilla, which means "Yellow Mountain", is located near the popular kitesurfing place, the city of El Medano. Its mighty silhouette hangs over the sea waves, as if trying to protect the city from the wind. Next to the mountain is a moving sand dune, the unusual outlines of which attract travelers from all over the world. This place is ideal for an unforgettable outdoor picnic and original photo shoot.

Rocket Café

After long walks and climbing the mountains, you need to have a good meal and restore your strength. In the Rocket Café you can do both, because here they serve world-famous and beloved American dishes. The menu offers excellent fat burgers, steaks and a good selection of alcoholic beverages and delicious desserts.

Siam Park

Siam Park is a very technological, spectacular and incredibly beautiful water park among the best three in Europe. Designers and engineers did their best and worked all the attractions in such a way that each has its own particular high point. The calling card and great pride of the Siam Park is the Tower of Power water slide 28 meters high, from which you slide in an almost vertical gutter at a speed of up to 80 km/h through a glass pipe in an aquarium with fish. Please note that most attractions are designed for adults and children from seven years old.

Las Rocas

The extremely busy and ful day is coming to an end, and it is best to complete it with a pleasant and hearty dinner at Las Rocas restaurant by the ocean. Take a closer look at traditional Spanish cuisine here. Indulge in paella, tapas, gazpacho soup and, of course, Tarta de Santiago. The restaurant offers a fine selection of wines and other beverages as well.

Day 3: Road to the island's unique protected area

Today we're going to have a fascinating journey to the very heart of Tenerife, Teide National Park, where incredible romantic landscapes, unique natural diversity and a sea of unforgettable impressions await you. Be sure to take plenty of water and a camera with you, because such beauty can be found only on this island.

Cafe Restaurant Boulevard

Today you've got a lot of things to do, have a good meal first. Cafe Restaurant Boulevard offers delicious meat and fish specialties cooked in the best traditions of Spanish and European cuisine. The atmosphere of the place is great, because there's nothing quite like having a breakfast by the ocean. Restaurant service is organized at a high level, and prices are acceptable even for a low-budget traveler.

vulcano el teide

It's time to sail inland. Tthe National Park offers a very unusual landscape of craters, small volcanoes and frozen lava dominated by mighty Teide, that reached a peak at an altitude of 3,718 meters above sea level. The park is well equipped for the travelers. It has two information centers where you can learn a lot about the history of the volcano, restaurants and cafes to have a good meal and numerous viewpoints, that offer the view of Teide National Park.

Restaurante-Tasca El Rincón De Roberto

Restaurante-Tasca El Rincón De Roberto is one of the most prominent representatives of Spanish cuisine. Local chefs prepare simply excellent fish and seafood dishes. Meat lovers will also not be disappointed. Highlights of the restaurant are the chicken Chilindron and Spanish chicken fricassee with mushrooms. The menu offers a fine selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well. The soulful and pleasant atmosphere, diligently created by the staff here, will help you to relax and gain strength for a further journey.

Mirador de Vilaflor

The Mirador de Vilaflor sightseeing platform offers a view of a fluffy blanket of clouds within reach. You will see a pine island, and a beautiful sunset above it, illuminating the sky and the sea with golden radiance. Breathe in the extremely clean air filled with the scent of Canarian pine and mountain herbs and take a wonderful walk along the mountain forest paths on the way to the peak.

Teide National Park (Parque Nacional del Teide)

Teide National Park is another wonder of the world. It is a unique geological treasure in which volcanoes, craters, vents and rivers of lava form an impressive landscape of contrasting colors and shapes. Canadas del Teide surprise people with the variety and enormous size of the striking chaos of various minerals, the huge sheets of petrified lava and rocks experienced erosion. However, the main and most prominent attraction of these places is the mighty volcano Teide. Get to the top by cable road to see even more unique landscapes with your head in the clouds.

Cafeteria Los Roques

A busy day is coming to an end, it's time to have some enjoyable taste experience. Have a dinner at Cafeteria Los Roques in a pleasant atmosphere, watching the the sun set over the mountings. The menu offers traditional Spanish and European cuisine, a wide selection of desserts and alcoholic beverages. Restaurant service is also at a high level, quick and courteous waiters will do their best to add pleasure to your experience.

Minas De San Jose Norte

Minas De San Jose Norte is a viewpoint, also known as the "Moon Valley". It offers absolutely stunning views of Mount Teide and scenic rocky terrain. The landscape of the place resembles the planet Mars: gold placers, shining at sunset, amazing and unusual vegetation, and an interesting and unique fauna create a landscape of unforgettable beauty and singular quality.

Day 4: The best landscapes of Tenerife

We finish our wonderful journey through the Teide National Park today and admire its inspiring beauties and alien landscapes the last time before the departure. Walk through the most unique viewpoints of the park and be sure to take a picture of what you see. You can also visit the fine Canarian cuisine restaurants today and enjoy all its highlights to the full.


Traditional Spanish dishes are perfect for a fresh start to the day. The pleasant restaurant on the beach offers an excellent selection of local delicacies. In addition to traditional tapas and seafood, there are excellent desserts. What is certainly worth a try is an apple strudel - guests unanimously recommend it.

Mirador de Ayosa

Mirador de Ayosa is a platform which offers, perhaps, one of the most breathtaking views of the incredible Teide Volcano. Once there, you will see a fascinating ocean of clouds, an incredible panorama of the valley of La Orotava, and, of course, the snow-covered, shining-white volcano's peak.

Mirador de Chipeque

Mirador de Chipeque is another observation deck overlooking the Teide volcano and the northern part of the island, the Orotava Valley and the city of Puerto de la Cruz. Stunning green expances, incredible Mount Teide from another magnificent angle, truly fascinate and inspire. This is the final point of the tour through the National Park and another opportunity to explore the unique natural landscapes of this unique natural area.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento

Plaza del Ayuntamiento is a square near the town hall in La Orotava, which is notable for its interesting architecture, soaked up the spirit of the amazing time of the beginning of the Spanish colonization. A great place for a leisurely walk, at different times of the year there are theatrical processions and performances based on Spanish mythology and biblical scenes. On holidays, the square is decorated with installations created by local artists.

Guachinche La Casona

Guachinche La Casona is a perfect place to take a break from the city rush on a hot day. This is a wonderful restaurant serving traditional Spanish cuisine with a home like-style cozy atmosphere. Warm setting here is created not only by a calm, suburban charming interior, but also by the competent work of the staff striving to create all the conditions for getting an unforgettable experience. The restaurant's menu is replete with already familiar and favorite Spanish delicacies, and the portions here are just huge!

Loro Parque

Loro Parque is also known as the Parrot Park", however, you will see not only these amazing birds among its inhabitants, but many other representatives of the exotic fauna. The history of this park, of course, began with birds, and now graceful wild cats and funny primates, emperor penguins and giant turtles inhabit the territory of thirteen hectares. In the twenty-seven halls of the park's aquarium, the unusual inhabitants of the sea depths are presented, especially impressive is the tunnel in which sharks swim overhead. Animal shows here are daily: sea lion show is 5 times a day, dolphin show is 4 times a day, and a loro parrot show is 6 times a day.

Playa Jardín

The island of Tenerife, like the other islands of the Canary archipelago, is of volcanic origin. Therefore, so unusual beaches with black sand here are a natural phenomenon. And, although most people admire the white beaches, black beaches contrasting with the blue Atlantic Ocean are extremely beautiful and attractive. Playa Jardín was artificially created in 1993 on the initiative of the artist and architect Cesar Manrique. It is divided by cliffs into three bays, the first is called El Castillo, the second is called Charcon, and the third is Punta Brava, named after the district adjacent to the beach.


Brunelli's is an excellent restaurant which is famous for its meat dishes. Enjoy large tasty steaks from beef, pork and dairy lamb meat, cooked according to special recipes and using unique equipment. The meat is cooked at a temperature of 800º and preserves the best taste. The restaurant's menu is not limited to meat dishes; here you can also try excellent soups, salads and seafood, such as lobster, or grilled fish. Enjoy the most comfortable and studied interior and a stunning view to the endless ocean from the window providing the special charm of the atmosphere.

Day 5: Introduction to the northern part of the island

Along with the wonderful nature, there's a whole bunch of pretty much everything in Tenerife. For example, you can have a stroll through the interesting and authentic city of Puerto de la Cruz today and enjoy not only the local souvenir shops and excellent cuisine, but also the most pleasant impressions of architecture and atmosphere. We will also keep exploring the wonderful beaches of the island, which are one of its main attractions.

King Calamar

Perhaps during your days in Tenerife you have already chosen a restaurant that will become your favorite for breakfast and you want to make morning meals only there, or maybe you want to discover new facets of local cuisine. If you like the second option, King Kalmar is waiting to visit. The menu is based on seafood prepared in a variety of ways, from local fast-food variants such as deep-fried squids to grilled fish.

Plaza del Charco

Plaza del Charco is a very picturesque place surrounded by colonial-style buildings. The square was recently reconstructed, but, nevertheless, has retained its historical identity. On holidays and weekends there are themed fairs and folk festivals. Around the square are many restaurants, small stores and souvenir shops.

Jardín Botánico

A traveler who stops in such a significant city as Puerto de la Cruz will be interested in visiting the botanical garden located in the eastern part of the city. Explore more than four thousand different types of plants from around the world, among which are very rare and valuable species. The Botanical Garden was founded in 1788, as a place of acclimatization of exotic plants from other continents, for their subsequent shipment to the mainland to the gardens of Spanish nobles. Today, the garden is not only a center of pilgrimage for botanists, but also a place of walks of local residents and visitors.

Restaurante San Diego

San Diego grill restaurant was originally a small family-like facility where various holidays, meetings of residents and tourists were held. Then, the chef Isidro Alvarez turned the restaurant into a really iconic place through hard work and great knowledge of the grilling techniques. Extensive menu of the Restaurante San Diego offers traditional Canarian grilled meats: chicken, pork steak, fillet, entrecote, historor, the famous blood sausage and rabbit meat. Most of the delicacies are accompanied by Canarian green moho sauce, which gives the dishes a special savor. Among other things, the restaurant serves great grilled fish, and special sorts of wood are used as fuel for the grill fires.

Playa Los Patos

The beach is located a couple of kilometers from La Orotava, the San Diego Church and the same-name restaurant are the markers along the road to the beach. You can leave the car near the restaurant or a little further, because then you will have to walk: 500-600 meters of amazing beauty along the Barranco del Pino gorge. The beach is very picturesque and wide, has no signs of civilization, which, in fact, attracts lovers of unspoiled natural landscapes. Experience a peaceful walk, cheerful picnic or just an unforgettable beach rest.

Mirador La Garañona

The observation deck of the Mirador La Garañona offers an incredible view of the enchanting ocean from the height of a three hundred and fifty-meter cliff. Enjoy the contemplation of fabulous landscapes and seagulls fluttering over the endless blue veil and feel the caressing breath of monsoon winds.

Tea & Chocolat

Dinner in a cozy atmosphere will be the perfect end to the day. Tea & Chocolat where delicious dishes are served according to original recipes is perfect for this. The restaurant’s calling card is extraordinary tasty desserts compared with real works of culinary art. In addition to desserts, indulge in a range of alcoholic beverages of varying degrees of strength and aging. A pleasant eclectic interior of the facility, complemented by a sensitive and professional service will color your evening into joyful and unforgettable tones.

Day 6: Wonderful nature of the north Tenerife

At first blush one would think we saw all the tropical diversity of Tenerife on our tour to the nature Teide National Park, but this is not at all the case, because rather gorgeous and unique Parque Rural de Anaga with a real paradise landscape awaits us. In addition, this part of the island offers a great culinary diversity prevailing in the region.

Tasca Casa Chano

Facility's menu will delight you with simple, but very tasty local cuisine. The highlight of the restaurant is a classic jamon. It is served here as cold meat or in sandwiches with different sauces and flavors.

Piscinas Naturales de Bajamar

Well-groomed and equipped beach Piscinas Naturales de Bajamar is the best place for outdoor activities. The place offers an absolutely incredible view - the huge waves crash against the walls of the artificially created bay near the coast and the giant columns sift down from above. There are comfortable and safe areas for rest and swimming on the beach, as well as special children's swimming area.

Parque Rural Anaga

The Anaga Protected Nature Area is a place unique in its climatic features and vegetation. It is located in the north-east of Tenerife and occupies almost a tenth of the area of ​​the island. Its highest point is Pico Cruz de Taborno, the height of which is over a thousand meters. A chain of mountains is cut by numerous gorges and winding slopes leading to the foot of the mountains with small natural beaches covered with black volcanic sand. Many of them can be reached only by boat, or through the gorge.

Restaurante El Chapulin

Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular in the world, and, along with French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese ones, is in constant demand among gourmets. Despite the rather small list of main ingredients, the dishes are extremely diverse, and hot sauces, which include chili pepper, add a bit of spice in your dish. Restaurante El Chapulin is an excellent representative of Mexican cuisine. Taste such wonderful dishes as burritos, quesadilla, fajitas, tacos here. Alcoholic drinks are not limited to tequila, fine wines and strong alcohol are also top quality.


Palmetum is a real twelve hectare tropical oasis consisting mostly of the palm family and representing a unique botanical project. The park was built on an empty waste ground, which, thanks to the efforts of the founders and workers, turned into a well-kept green space for an unforgettable leisure. There are numerous viewing platforms with magnificent views of the majestic ocean, beautiful city and mighty ridge of Anaga mountain.

Playa de La Nea

La Nea Beach belongs to the so-called "capital" beaches and is located near the town of Radasul, which is part of the municipality of El Rosario. This black beach is accessible to locals and visitors of the capital Tenerife, being an excellent place to relax, sunbathe and swim. However, its most important value is a possibility to hide from the noisy metropolitan atmosphere and spend some time alone with nature.

Restaurante La Casona del Vino

Restaurante La Casona del Vino is an amazing place that combines authentic simplicity and sophistication. Enjoy classic Canarian cuisine in an interesting modern interpretation here. A distinctive feature and an absolute advantage of the restaurant is the menu dishes adaptation to your tastes and wishes. Facility staff is very reverent and attentive to each visitor and does its best to make your pastime as comfortable as possible.

Day 7: History and culture of Tenerife

The Canary Islands have a rather long and interesting history and offer spectacular historical architecture, and today we have a fascinating journey through the pages of the island’s history. We'd be remiss not to explore the peculiarities of the beaches of this region, because they are all unique and different, this place, for example, is considered the best one to get adventurous with the best in water sports.

Bonjour Pasteleria

Starting a new day with a wonderful coffee and delicious pastries, you will not only be full of strength and energy for future achievements, but also recharge yourself with positive and good mood, which is quite important for a great trip. In Bonjour Pasteleria, you can find everything for such a great start to the day, from a varied and original menu, filled with the best European dishes, to the finest coffee drinks made from different sorts of beans.

Pirámides de Güímar | Parque Etnografico

The Pyramids of Güímar are located in the same-name city, in the south-east Tenerife. Although these structures are not as ancient as the Egyptian pyramids, the tour to them is no less fascinating and informative. For visitors, a so-called ethnological park has been created here, where, after seeing the pyramids of Güímar, one can enjoy a photo exhibition and thematic expositions.

Los Roques

Los Roques is a beach with interesting views of wonderful natural monuments, Los Roques de Anaga. Adjoining the borders of the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, they form one protected area with a unique natural park.   The rocks are two relatively small islands braving the waves of the Atlantic Ocean (the Roque de Tierra and the Roque de Fuera), and they occupy ten hectares of space, which is considered to be the natural wealth of the island and is of great geological and aesthetic interest.

Rte. El Mundo

Traditional Spanish cuisine is widely known for a huge variety of interesting dishes, however, few people know that there are also the unusual traditions of coffee making in this country. For each of the standard options for making coffee, the Spaniards will find their own, besides, in different regions you can always find a local original recipe. In El Mundo you will find a huge selection of aromatic coffee drinks, be able to fully feel their originality, because even the well-known Americano here may differ significantly from the European version. The restaurant also serves original desserts, which will delight you not only with its exquisite taste, but also a beautiful appearance.

Playa De La Punta

Playa De La Punta can be described as an ideal place for an unforgettable beach rest: beautiful, virgin nature, black volcanic sand, well-developed infrastructure and a wonderful, vast ocean. This is the place where you not only relax, but also greatly enhance your health. In addition, due to local weather conditions, the beach is perfect for surfing.

Pueblo fantasma de Abades

The ruins, like silent witnesses of the most important historical accomplishments, stand lonely east of Abadesa. You can see a large church surrounded by low-rise buildings already from the highway. Initially, this place served as a hospital, and later as a military base. Now this location is popular with local "ghostbusters" and street art lovers - you can find very interesting graffiti and murals on the walls of old buildings. We'd hardly call a visit to an abandoned village a mandatory component for a romantic or family route, but if you are a lover of thrills, street art and unusual photo shoots, you can enjoy the place.

Restaurante El Rocás

First impression, Restaurante El Rocás is a small restaurant, but in fact it is worthy example of Canary Islands cuisine. Explore delicious meat dishes, the most popular pork dish among locals is Carne de Fiesta (festive meat). Fish delicacies are also the highlights in the menu. The most popular varieties of fish are tuna, veje, cherné, abadejo, pompano (among them are endemic species of fish, that can be tasted only on the Tenerife island). A calm and sincere atmosphere will also color your evening with pleasant emotions, and a polite and responsible service will ensure you a wonderful stay.

Day 8: The last page of our beautiful journey

As we bid farewell to this incredible island, we should finally enjoy the wonderful, warm ocean with its healing properties, the fine volcanic sand good for your skin and the beautiful beaches with all the necessary conditions for a comfortable and enjoyable holiday. We are also going to have a walk down the coastal streets of the wonderful city of El Medano.

Agua Cafe

Have the final breakfast on the beautiful Tenerife at place where you can enjoy plenty of the most wonderful dishes of the local cuisine. Agua Cafe serves delicious seafood cooked according to the best recipes. In addition, there is nothing better than breakfast with a magnificent view of the mighty ocean. Facility staff is friendly and professional and always strives to create a positive atmosphere.

El Médano Beach (Playa de El Médano)

Playa de El Médano is one of the best beaches in Tenerife. Due to frequent winds, the coastline of the beach has become the center of attraction for water sports enthusiasts: surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing, and even kites. The season lasts here all year round. Those who can't surf, but really wants to learn, can take some lessons from local trainers, there's plenty of them, including those who speak Russian.

Plaza El Médano

Plaza El Médano is a small but very vibrant square located near the beach. It is surrounded by many small cafes and shops where you can not only buy soft drinks, but also some funny souvenirs.