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Andria and Castel Del Monte by Bike

Andria and Castel Del Monte by Bike
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3 Days


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53 km




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Welcome to Federiciana Apulia! I'm Maria Elena Germoglio and I will be your guide around in a 3 days bike tour!
Cycling is great for getting around on old town roads or country lanes. You will find hospitality and great food, monuments, churches and historic buildings. The countryside landscapes of olive groves and vineyards. You will experience colours and scents you will remember.
This project has been realised by Maria Elena Germoglio, student of the ITS Course - Trani Campus "Digitalisation and digital creativity in tourism and cultural activities" (A.A. 2021-2022), within the Module "Digital storytelling workshop: narrative scripts for the cultural valorisation of the territory", coordinated by Elisa Bonacini.
Istituto Tecnico Superiore TRANI Digitalizzazione e Creatività
Istituto Tecnico Superiore TRANI Digitalizzazione e Creatività
  • Bring your bike on the train with a luggage rack and a bag for clothing and personal items.
  • Dress technical cloths and take a wind and rain jacket, headband and sun cream.
  • Take technical shoes and a water bottle.
  • Download maps of places to make sure you don't get lost.
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Andria and Castel Del Monte by bike
Day 128 km

Andria and Castel Del Monte by bike

The first day you arrive in Andria by train with your bike and walk along the main street Corso Cavour that takes you to the characteristic places of the old town. A recommended snack at a bakery to taste the onions calzone. Get some water and head towards Castel Del Monte. A slight climb! Cycling from Andria to Castel del Monte with the three-hour tourist itinerary Inauguration of a cycle route in the Alta Murgia Park.
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 Karst landscape
Day 222 km

Karst landscape

Are you ready to ride in nature? The entire network is accessible by mountain bike. Many parts of the network are also accessible to normal road touring bicycles. The characteristic qualities of karst landscape manifest themselves at the surface as well as below ground. Often the surface of the fields and unmade roadways have the appearance of a reticulated network of ‘V ’-shaped grooves, where the rock is fractured and weathered. Small ponds are created through surface erosion and the subsequent presence of algae, which produce carbon dioxide and organic acids. The development of holes in the surface of vertical rocks is due to the acids released by small clumps of moss and algae which cling to the rock surface. Other organisms that flourish within the first few millimetres of the rock’s structure may also have a similar corrosive effect.
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Andria, the city of the three bell towers
Day 3256 m3 km

Andria, the city of the three bell towers

Piazza Catuma (or Piazza Vittorio Emanule II) is one of the oldest and most representative squares of the city. The scholar Giuseppe Ceci traces the name "Catuma", with which the square is known to most, to the homonymous esplanade at the bottom of which stood the church and the feudal castle, Riccardo d'Urso, reports that in the early Middle Ages the square hosted pagan rites. Piazza Catuma, therefore, has always been an important center of power and public life: there overlooked the Ducal Palace and the Bishop's Palace, held markets and livestock fairs. Even today, the square is a junction between the main streets, a venue for shows, concerts and a meeting point for young people.
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