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Day 1218 km

Former capital of the Don Cossacks

The journey begins with a trip to the former capital of the Don Cossacks and sightseeing of several sights: the courtyards of the atamans of the Efremovs and the oldest temple in southern Russia. After that you will go to Novocherkassk, where you will visit the palace where Alexander II, Alexander III and Nicholas II once stayed. At the end of the day you will have an unforgettable adventure in the bird park "Malinka".

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37.3 km50 min
Courtyard of military atamans
09:201 h 30 min

Courtyard of military atamans

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Go to the former capital of the Don Cossacks - Starocherkasskaya village. Here you can find the architectural complex "Podvorie Atamanov Efremov", which is now a museum-reserve. On the territory of the complex there are several monuments of XVII-XIX centuries: the Ataman Palace, the house church of Efremov in the name of the Don Icon of the Mother of God, the house of Stepan Efremov, built in the second half of the XVIII century. There are several excursion programs in the museum: "The Cossack family of the Efremovs", "Traditions of Cossack cuisine", "History of the Don Cossacks of the XVI-XX centuries". More information about tours can be found at site.

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