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An exciting journey to visit the Don Cossacks.

An exciting journey to visit the Don Cossacks.
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Rostov region is an amazing place with an incredible history. Everyone at least once in his life should travel along the Don and visit the Don Cossacks to learn about their traditions and customs. Especially for you we have prepared an unforgettable tour to the most interesting places in the region.
On your way you will see the oldest temple in the South of Russia, the palace where members of the imperial family stayed during their visits, a walk in the family backyard of the atamans Efremovs and the most beautiful farm in Russia, where the ethnographic museum "The Quiet Don" is located. Besides informative excursions to the world of the Don Cossacks you'll have a trip to the Birds Park and a trip to the fairy tale.
Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!
Mastercard Routes
Mastercard Routes
  • Yefremov Atamans' Yard.
  • Ataman Palace.
  • Malinka Southern Bird Park.
  • Loga Park.
  • Starozolotovsky farm and the open-air museum "Tikhiy Don".
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Former capital of the Don Cossacks
Day 1218 km

Former capital of the Don Cossacks

The journey begins with a trip to the former capital of the Don Cossacks and sightseeing of several sights: the courtyards of the atamans of the Efremovs and the oldest temple in southern Russia. After that you will go to Novocherkassk, where you will visit the palace where Alexander II, Alexander III and Nicholas II once stayed. At the end of the day you will have an unforgettable adventure in the bird park "Malinka".
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Loga Park and the most beautiful farm in Russia
Day 2335 km

Loga Park and the most beautiful farm in Russia

On the second day of this short journey you will be taken to the village of Staraya, where a unique fairytale park is located on the site of a former dump. The most interesting thing is that the park, full of non-trivial entertainment, the entrance is absolutely free! You will not find such a place anywhere in Russia, it is a project of a local entrepreneur and philanthropist Sergei Kushnarenko. Then you'll go to the most beautiful farm in Russia, where you'll visit the open-air museum "Tikhiy Don".
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