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Amazing Places on the Outskirts of Walhalla

Amazing Places on the Outskirts of Walhalla
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3 Days


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165 km






Kids FriendlySights in Nature
Near the small town of Walhall, Okony County, there are outstanding natural attractions. After reading about them on the Internet, we decided to see these places with our own eyes.
Following our route, you will walk along the winding paths of Okoni Park, see two waterfalls, climb a tunnel, walk among the buildings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and spend time in a beautiful botanical garden.
Don't forget to take your sports clothes and shoes with you on your trip!
Darcy Moore
Darcy Moore
  • Relax on the lake shore.
  • Explore the old mountain tunnel.
  • Admire the waterfalls.
  • Visit an ancient settlement.
  • Take a walk in the botanical garden.

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Relax by the Lake
Day 151 km

Relax by the Lake

The nearest town where you can rent a car is Anderson, where this short journey will begin. Today you will have a serene rest on the lake shore.
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Fabulous Landscapes of Oconee State Park
Day 274 km

Fabulous Landscapes of Oconee State Park

Today will certainly be the most interesting day in our journey because we have to climb into the old tunnel, see several waterfalls with our own eyes and visit the settlement of the eighteenth century, preserved almost in its original form!
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Strolls in the Botanical Garden
Day 340 km

Strolls in the Botanical Garden

Before we drop off the car and go home, we'll spend time in the botanical garden.
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