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Adventures Up The River Segura

Adventures Up The River Segura
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2 Days


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126 km




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Even though Murcia is one of Spain's least-visited regions, savvy travelers are beginning to sit up and take notice of this quiet part of the country. Hidden within the dusty landscapes is a veritable treasure trove of natural sights, and on this 2-day trip, you'll explore plenty of them as you travel alongside the River Segura. This oasis in the desert has provided life throughout the centuries, used by everyone from the Ancient Romans to the Moors of the Middle Ages.
You'll bathe in an ancient Roman spa complex, hike across rugged valleys, and explore the storied cuisine of this historic part of Murcia. The scenery is stunning, but even better are the locals along the way: friendly, welcoming, and elated to share their part of the world with visitors.
Due to the uniqueness of the overnight stay along this route, you can book the recommended hotel via a link mentioned in the comments.
James Taylor
James Taylor
Travel Expert
  • Soak in the natural thermal hot springs in Archena.
  • Explore the oasis-like nature along the River Segura.
  • Learn about the Kingdom of Murcia inside the MUDEM Museum.

Travel Itinerary

Thermal Spas and the Ricote Valley
Day 150 km2 km

Thermal Spas and the Ricote Valley

On day one of this itinerary, you'll head north from Murcia towards the small towns on the outskirts of the city. Your first stop is in Archena, where a thermal spring has attracted everyone from the Romans to the Moors to settle here and leave their mark. You'll spend an indulgent morning at the spa before heading toward Ricote, home to some fantastic hiking trails and restaurants.
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Abarán and the Return Downriver
Day 275 km1 km

Abarán and the Return Downriver

On the second day of this itinerary, you'll delve even further up the River Segura to Abarán, a beautiful town with an ancient Arabic water mill. Then, it's time to return to Murcia City, with a few stops to admire the varied landscapes hidden within Murcia and a fantastic museum as well.
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