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Adventures in Adygeya: karting, hiking and thermal springs

Road Trip Route. Racing carting, Winter trail in Guam, Rest in thermal springs, Hajjokh gulley, Saran ropeway and magnificent mountain scenery.

You will have two active days in Adygeya, during which you will be able to be a pilot on the race track, go to an unknown direction on the narrow gauge railway, try to solve the mystery of the dolmens, take many pictures of the mountains, feel like a miner and plunge into the thermal springs. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Rostov-on-Don

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Karting and Guam Gorge

Today you have a long road and interesting stops waiting for you. The first half of the day will be spent driving your car first, and afterwards in the cars of the carting center. In the afternoon, you'll find a fascinating hike and winter hiking in Guam Gorge and lots of beautiful photos. And, of course, don't forget to relax in the thermal springs after a busy day.



Stop for a light breakfast in the doughnut shop, which is open daily from 8am. Keep up with the adventure!

Картинг "Пилот"

Start your day with real racing! The length of racing tracks is 1257 meters. Carting works daily from 9 to 18. You can find out the price as well as sign up by contacting the [site](

Café Big Bear

So you made it to the mountains. Have a bite to eat in a simple café and go on to meet the adventure.

Guam Gorge

The gorge is about five km long and 400 m deep. There is also a narrow-gauge railway from Mezmay to Guamka, which was built in 1928-1932 mainly by prisoners and used for forest removal. Until 2020, there was a tourist train running every 40 minutes. However, its activities have been suspended for an indefinite period. Leave the car at this point and continue on foot only.

Памятник Природы Гуамское ущелье

The length of the route is about 12 km in both directions. For a moderate walk you should lay down about 3-4 hours. Head along the railway tracks - they will show you the way and will not let you get lost.

Monakhova Peshchera

On the way to winter, you'll find a lot of iced icicles, so stay alert. The cave is visited quite rarely as it is a bit off the main route, but the scale of the cave is impressive for anyone. A good reference point for finding the cave is the stream that flows out of its entrance. You can find the cave by walking through the gorge and turn left a bit using a map. You can turn left at the cafe 1707. You will have to cross the wading or frozen creek, so dress up in the weather. You can wade just upstream of the crossing, which is open in the summertime. When you get to the other side, you will have to climb a 200m and 460m path up the badly visible path. This point is optional, if you don't feel strong enough, you can walk all 4 hours in the gorge itself without leaving the road.

Aquarius Thermal Springs

After a fascinating hike, it's time to relax in the thermal springs. One of the largest thermal complexes of the Krasnodar region - recreation center "Aquarius" has 11 swimming pools, of which 5 are publicly available, and 6 are leased out together with cottages. You should inform about your visit by phone: +7(918)950-95-29. Children under 6 years old (accompanied by parents) are free of charge.

Restaurant "1882"

The restaurant is located in the cellar of Maikop Brewery, built back in the XVIII century, which is why it fascinates with its special antique interior. You can pre-book a table at +7 (877) 257-08-20.

Day 2: Mountain scenery and the Azish cave

Start your day with the ruins of an old famous factory, and then visit the miracle of nature - the Hajjokh gorge. Then head to Rufabgo's frozen waterfalls for colourful photographs. A few beautiful viewing platforms and views of the Lago Nak Highlands and the Azish-Tau Range await you afterwards. And don't forget that Adygeya is famous for its dolmens, whose purpose is still unknown. You will have to unravel their mystery.

Старые печи каменоломни

A small stylized place for beautiful photos. The remains of the buildings are an old lime plant.

Хаджохская Теснина

It is a picturesque winding gorge, along which there is a small pedestrian route. The length of the gorge is just over 500 meters. The width of the canyon is from 7-20 meters. The height of the rocks is 35-60 meters. The gorge is equipped with steps, rails and observation platforms. Entrance is paid, the cost is 400 rubles for adults, 200 rubles for children from 7 to 14 years and free for children under 7 years. Tesnina is open daily from 9 to 19.

Rufabgo Falls

There are more than 10 water cascades. In winter the waterfalls freeze and are very bright in the photos, however, it can be quite slippery, so be careful and wear comfortable non-slip shoes. Walk to Rufabgo Heart Waterfall and enjoy the fabulous scenery of Rufabgo Creek Canyon.

савранская канатная дорога

You will climb almost 1 km above sea level on the "Una-Koz" ridge. From which the most beautiful panoramas, views of Lago Nak Highland and "Azish-Tau" Range will be opened. The working hours of the aerial tramway are daily from 10 to 17, but sometimes there are maintenance works. An adult ticket will cost 600 rubles, and a child from 6 to 12 years old - 300 rubles. For more information I advise you to call the ticket offices in advance by phone: +7 (928) 669-65-29.

Ресторан "Даховская Слобода"

The restaurant is located on a tourist base. Here you can snack on tasty homemade dishes. If you wish, you can book your visit by phone: +7 928 463-03-00.

Панорама Долина Гор

Another short stop to watch the mountain ranges of the Caucasus Mountains.

Great Azish Cave

This unique natural monument is a very beautiful cave, which is decorated with stalactites and stalagmites. The viewing platforms are fenced and the most interesting objects are beautifully illuminated. The whole cave space is divided into several halls. The cave is open daily from 9 to 18.


According to some sources, the dolmen was built in the first half of III century BC. What it was intended for is still unknown. There are many theories about the purpose of such structures, for example, that the dolmen - is an ancient dwelling space.

Памятник 4-му Гвардейскому Кубанскому Казачьему Корпусу

To make the trip less tiring, you can stop at the monument to the Fourth Guards Kuban Cossack Corps and take a walk in the park near the memorial.


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