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Day 2358 km2 km

Ethno and Animal World

Start your day at Savva Storozhevsky hermitage, then immerse yourself in the culture of the peoples of Russia and walk around the world without crossing borders. Instead of a foreign passport, all you need is a car to get there and the entrance fee and you're already somewhere on an island in far-off Oceania. After your walk around the world, you will stop by to visit the bison, and before returning home, you will see what is probably the most unusual manor house in the Moscow region.

Day Itinerary

14 km20 min
Скит Саввы Сторожевского
08:3030 min

Скит Саввы Сторожевского

History Museum
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In different years the monastery was a military outpost of Moscow and a suburban royal residence under Alexei Mikhailovich, who, by the way, gave the monastery the status of the first laurel in the state. Walk around the territory of the monastery, take pictures and immerse yourself in history. The monastery is usually open from 6 a.m., but sometimes changes are possible, so check the timetable at website.
86.6 km1 h 30 min
Этномир, Украинская деревня
10:3030 min

Этномир, Украинская деревня

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Due to restrictions imposed until January 15, 2021 visit the museum complex will be limited to walks in the village, you can see how Ukrainians lived, to visit Ukraine, which has now closed its borders. Various events and master classes are held in the centre, for more details see site.

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