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Adventures and traditions in the vicinity of Moscow

Adventures and traditions in the vicinity of Moscow
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2 Days


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507 km






Adventure🎅 Winter Trips
A real adventure awaits you, during which you will be able to fly in a helicopter, ride a buggy on the winter ice, visit several countries at once, without crossing any borders. Fans of history and ancient architecture will also be delighted, because you will visit an ancient hermitage and walk around one of the most beautiful estates near Moscow! The route is developed with the support of Volkswagen Caddy.
Volkswagen Caddy
Volkswagen Caddy
  • Winter go-kart track.
  • Helicopter ride into the sunset.
  • Ethnic villages from all over the world.
  • Meeting bison in Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve.
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Races and helicopters
Day 1149 km

Races and helicopters

Your morning will start with a winter kartodrome, you can ride a buggy, believe me, the feeling is unforgettable when you are carrying at a speed of 100 km / h towards the wind. After the kartodrome you'll find a medieval town with narrow streets - it's a good place to have a photo session. After you will be waiting for New Jerusalem - an impressive monastery complex and helicopter flight towards sunset.
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Ethno and Animal World
Day 2358 km2 km

Ethno and Animal World

Start your day at Savva Storozhevsky hermitage, then immerse yourself in the culture of the peoples of Russia and walk around the world without crossing borders. Instead of a foreign passport, all you need is a car to get there and the entrance fee and you're already somewhere on an island in far-off Oceania. After your walk around the world, you will stop by to visit the bison, and before returning home, you will see what is probably the most unusual manor house in the Moscow region.
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