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Active tour around Kolomna

Active tour around Kolomna
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3 Days


By Car


568 km






Animals and FarmsKids FriendlyActive LeisureAdventure🎅 Winter Trips
You have a busy vacation waiting for you!
You will ride on everything that is possible: dog and deer sledding, horses, "snow banana" and "bagels", skiing and skating, alpine skiing and snowboarding, shooting with a pneumatic gun and pistol, biathlon at the sports base where the Russian national team trains.
You'll also meet tricky raccoons, shaggy bison, red-book cranes and rare Yakut likes.
Maria Gorobets
Maria Gorobets
Travel Expert
  • Zoocentre Sviatopolje.
  • Semyon-Oleninsky sports and entertainment complex.
  • Biathlon Center Diamond.
  • Oksky Reserve.
  • Olenino Farm.
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Dog sledding and more.
Day 1172 km

Dog sledding and more.

Today we'll meet the husky and the likes, and find out why the leader in the dog pack is a girl. We will also go for a ride on everything we can: dog sledding and horses, "snow banana" and "bagels", skis and skates. And also enjoy downhill skiing, snowboarding and bagels. If you come in the warm season, you can also play paintball and go down from the mountain in a huge transparent ball - zorbe.
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To visit the bison and the Russian national biathlon team
Day 2267 km

To visit the bison and the Russian national biathlon team

Today it's better to leave early. You will visit where the dense forests of the Ryazan region are preserved. During the walk you will learn why the forests of Europe and Russia are currently deteriorating and what the bison have to do with it. In addition, you will have a great opportunity to see the Red Book cranes. In the evening we will have a rest at the base, where the Russian National Biathlon Team trains. And yes, you will also be able to shoot and ride the cross-country skiing track!
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To visit the reindeer and raccoons
Day 3128 km

To visit the reindeer and raccoons

Today you can go downhill skiing and swimming in the largest water park in the Moscow region. And also get acquainted with reindeer and raccoons, and with the wind will ride on a reindeer sled (if the presence of snow allows ;)).
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