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Day 3153 km

Old fortresses, a convent and the history of Maryanivka

On the way to Omsk you will come across a lot of curious sights: the ruins of medieval fortresses, a nunnery, historical buildings. The cherry on the cake is lunch on the shore of the picturesque Pokrovskoye Lake.

Day Itinerary

1.1 km5 min
Supermarket Pyaterochka
10:0030 min

Supermarket Pyaterochka

Open Details
After breakfast, stop by any supermarket in Isilkul to stock up on food and drinks for your lakeside picnic.
64.8 km50 min
Pokrovskaya Fortress
12:001 h

Pokrovskaya Fortress

Historic Site
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Look for the next redoubt 60 km from Nikolaevka. Do not miss the turn to Piketnoe from the highway, then go in the direction of Pomurino. The small octagonal fortress is also deserted for the last two centuries. Today only historians, treasure hunters and local history bloggers know about it. And now you too!

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