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A trip to ancient Tyukalinsk, cozy Isilkul and mysterious redoubts

A trip to ancient Tyukalinsk, cozy Isilkul and mysterious redoubts
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3 Days


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452 km




History and Culture
It would seem that people go to St. Petersburg for ancient architecture and to Altai or Baikal for beautiful nature. But you don't have to make a long voyage for all this beauty. All the most interesting things are very close. Cozy little towns with merchant houses, centuries-old fortresses, lakes with salt water - you have a chance to spend a weekend unusually, and not to spend a lot of money.
Tour features:
  • A real gift for history buffs;
  • Part of the automobile route is on a dirt road, so it is better to travel in a four-wheel drive off-road vehicle;
  • Bathing in the lakes, picnics in nature;
  • These museums in Tyukalinsk and Maryanivka are not open on Saturdays, the museum in Isilkul is closed on Monday.

  • If you have a quadcopter with a camera, take it with you on your trip - some sights are best viewed from a bird's eye view;
  • Pack comfortable walking shoes and a swimsuit or swim trunks in the trunk;
  • Take everything you need for the picnic, including a beach umbrella;
  • Don't forget a cap and sunscreen;
  • To visit all the museums on the list, start your trip on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

Please note, accommodations must be booked separately by phone or on the official website.
Marina Selivanova
Marina Selivanova
  • Visit ancient Tyukalinsk.
  • Make a wish in Isilkul.
  • Have a rest on the salty lake shore.
  • Discover remains of the Siberian line fortresses.
Trip Soundtrack

Travel Itinerary

On the Tyukalinsky tract.
Day 1145 km627 m

On the Tyukalinsky tract.

Tyukalinsk stands where the historic Siberian tract once ran. A century ago, it was a lively trading town with bustling fairs and factories. All this is already in the past. But to walk through the old streets, where history is breathing down your neck, is a real pleasure!
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Nazyvaevsk, Isilkul, 18th century redoubt and salt lake
Day 2153 km848 m

Nazyvaevsk, Isilkul, 18th century redoubt and salt lake

Visit the towns that appeared on the map of the Omsk region more than a century ago. Along the way, visit the ancient redoubt and picturesque lakes, which used to be part of the ancient Kamyshlovka River.
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Old fortresses, a convent and the history of Maryanivka
Day 3153 km

Old fortresses, a convent and the history of Maryanivka

On the way to Omsk you will come across a lot of curious sights: the ruins of medieval fortresses, a nunnery, historical buildings. The cherry on the cake is lunch on the shore of the picturesque Pokrovskoye Lake.
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