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Day 357 km5 km

Sweets and joys

Today will be a feast for the mind and the stomach. You will walk a lot, studying the city architecture, visit Chaliapin and see the balcony, from which he gave a concert, learn which of the famous Russian writers was a native of Kislovodsk.
On the way back from the city you will climb the mountain about which Mikhail Lermontov wrote.
And spice it all up with delicious Caucasian cuisine: you'll try real oriental sweets and drink Turkish coffee, eat khinkali and incredibly tasty chebureks.

Day Itinerary

32 m5 min
ГК "Гранд-Отель"
09:305 min

ГК "Гранд-Отель"

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Leave your car in the hotel parking lot because you'll be walking through the city center in the morning.
342 m5 min
State Philharmonic Society. V.I. Safonov
09:455 min

State Philharmonic Society. V.I. Safonov

Concert Hall
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Admire the Philharmonic Hall, built in 1895. Here Fyodor Chaliapin and Leonid Sobinov sang, Isadora Duncan and Matilda Chesinskaya danced, and Sergei Rachmaninoff played.

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A leisurely trip to Essentuki and Kislovodsk
- / mo.
A leisurely trip to Essentuki and Kislovodsk
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