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A Journey in Valle d'Itria

A Journey in Valle d'Itria
Starts from



3 Days


By Car


310 km






History and Culture
A three-day journey to discover the beauty of the Itria Valley, a place that combines food, culture and dream landscapes. The next day we will stop in Alberobello , one of the most beautiful towns in Apulia, envied all over the world for its fantastic Trulli; in the afternoon we will stop in Ostuni, the white town, where we will visit the characteristic historical centre. On the third day we will leave Brindisi for Martina Franca , the most famous town in the Itria Valley, which every summer attracts many opera lovers who come to the town to attend the famous Itria Valley Festival.
This project has been realised by Italo Zecchillo, student of the ITS Course - Trani Campus "Digitalisation and digital creativity in tourism and cultural activities" (A.A. 2021-2022), within the Module "Digital storytelling workshop: narrative scripts for the cultural valorisation of the territory", coordinated by Elisa Bonacini.
Istituto Tecnico Superiore TRANI Digitalizzazione e Creatività
Istituto Tecnico Superiore TRANI Digitalizzazione e Creatività
  • wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes.
  • taste local fish and traditional Apulian dishes.
  • don't leave Martina Franca without tasting the capocollo, a local speciality, as well as caciocavallo cheese and local wines.
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Travel Itinerary

Day 17 km4 km


Brindisi, a city full of charm and history, is the first stop on our journey, where many peoples have passed through.
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Alberobello and Trulli
Day 2159 km3 km

Alberobello and Trulli

Alberobello, the picturesque town in the Itria Valley with its fantastic trulli is the second stop on our journey.In the afternoon we will go to Ostuni, the white city.
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Martina Franca
Day 3144 km308 m

Martina Franca

The town of Martina Franca is the third and last stop on our journey, where you can discover the ancient local culinary traditions combined with the beauty of the landscape.
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