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A Day Trip to Montserrat

A Day Trip to Montserrat
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Montserrat is perhaps the most popular day trip to undertake from Barcelona. Used interchangeably to refer to the imposing mountains and the monastery that nestles within them, this is a National Park of great importance not just in Catalonia, but the whole of Spain. The distinctive rock formations that make up the mountains are recognizable around the world and the monastery that calls them home is one of Spain's most sacred spots.
This day tour will not only take you to visit the Monastery of Montserrat, but will also stop at some attractions in the area that the tour buses miss. Enjoy a tour, tasting, and late breakfast at a winery, escape the crowds at a less-visited monastery in the mountains, and dig through the antiques of Mercantic flea market.
James Taylor
James Taylor
Travel Expert
  • Enjoy a late breakfast in the vineyard of a local winery.
  • Marvel at the fabulous Montserrat Monastery, the most important in Catalonia.
  • Dig into the treasures at Mercantic Flea Market in Sant Cugat.

Travel Itinerary

A Day in Montserrat
Day 1129 km800 m

A Day in Montserrat

This one-day itinerary will take you to wonderful Montserrat, one of the highlights of any trip to Catalonia. Your day will start with a delicious breakfast at a local winery before driving up to visit the monasteries in the Montserrat mountains. After soaking up the peaceful atmosphere and those outstanding views, you'll turn back to Barcelona with a stop at a fantastic flea market in Sant Cugat before driving over the mountains back toward Barcelona.
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