The Tower of Magic Jel

The Tower of Magic Jel

Historic Site, Mountain, Nature Preserve

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Magojel (Eshk-kolk) - a unique watchtower of the XVII century, erected under the Tsey Lama mountain pass between two huge blocks of rocks, where a peculiar cave with an uneven shape and an area of almost 90 square meters was formed. The ground floor of the tower probably served as a cattle enclosure ("jal" in sheepdog's sense), while the upper floors (three floors are extant today) served as a shelter. Legend has it that a shepherd-goddess Borz (or Hadz) from the village of Guli was ambushed from that tower, beating off his wife, who had been taken prisoner by the residents of Salga for non-payment of tribute.


Address: Jeyrakh district Republic of Ingushetia

Coordinates: 44.827294,42.815285