Bainey Tower complex

Bainey Tower complex

Historic Site, Mountain, Nature Preserve

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The Beini Tower complex is located on the southern slope of Table Mountain. The tower complex includes heavily damaged late medieval semi-dwelling towers with various annexes and stone defensive walls. The whole slope where the village of Baini is located is covered with a green carpet of herbs in spring and until late autumn. Baini is surrounded by lush pastures for livestock, hayfields and cold, clear spring waters. The main occupation of the inhabitants of these places since ancient times has been animal husbandry. According to folk legend, once on the place of Beini village there was a village Ioarkhiache - "weeds", and there lived Giam-nakyan - a tribe of witches. Gyam-nakyan was characterized by cruelty and cunning. And no one was at peace with them. Their main occupation was robberies and robberies. For raids and warfare in conditions of mountains this clan had 63 horsemen warriors. The mountaineers have long tolerated the atrocities of the people of the witch tribe. But the day has come when the neighbors were tired of their cunning, and they decided to cunningly root out the strong clan of robbers. The Dzarakh brothers, Marzbik, Shovkhal from the village of Falhan, hiding their true intentions, invited the men of their family to the feast and poisoned them. Only two men of their kind were alive - they were away at the time. The Gyam-nakyan tribe was broken, and the remaining women and children left. That's how the village of Yoarchiache disappeared and with time the village of Baini appeared on this place. Old-timers say that the village got its new name from the killed Giam-nakyan, i.e. from the Ingush word "dead" - Beyni, and nearby the village was called Kashatye (Kashieti) - the place of their burial.


Address: Baini village, Jeyrah district, Republic of Ingushetia

Coordinates: 44.715685,42.83129